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Star Queens
7/17/2016 1:58pm

So disappointing.

My sisters and I were all settled in to our grand suite on Space Ark B, ready to watch the greatest interstellar fireworks show since, well, whatever the last one was, only to see that silly space bullet stand on its nose on the Earth then speed away. (You know, Earth's atmosphere is only about 100 miles thick, so at 600 miles long, 5/6 of the apparently-not-so-scary "Halberd-class mega-weapon" stuck up quite a ways. I suppose that's not something you see every day.) The only "destruction" were those ridiculous old Japanese monsters bashing their heads on it before they went back to their caves on Monster Island for their naps.

Even more galling, I suppose, was to learn that @Asteroidea really is extra-terrestrial. Or part at least. Not that hybrid species really "count" in my book. But it explains her innate four-D skills. Thank goodness humans haven't actually evolved far enough to start doing that on their own.

The worst of it is, of course, that after the Earth wasn't destroyed, our parents sent us back to Psyhigh. My sisters and I were so looking forward to moving off this dump, but after it wasn't blown to smithereens, I guess it was easier to re-enroll us than to find us a new school somewhere. Now we're on a waiting list for dorm rooms, which is frankly perfectly fine with me because the dorm rooms really are quite disgusting, so while we wait we've got rooms on Moon Base which is more the quality of life my sisters and I are used to. And I don't care what it costs because my parents can pay.

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Star Queens
7/2/2016 10:18pm

Waiting out these last few days on campus is ghastly. The dorm rooms seem dingier than ever, and with most the students gone for summer it's even more of a tomb than it usually is. Plus the sickeningly green grass and absurd blue sky... knowing the whole planet is going to be blasted to atoms in a week or so is really quite a relief. At least for those of us getting on the Space Arks.

Agloniboiz and Aijo Freya have grown bored of visiting the mega-weapon as it hurtles through deep space, plus that dreary Asteroidea is always hanging around out there. How a non-extraterrestrial ever got the hang of four-D viewing is beyond me. But as usual, she has no taste, so it's easy to ditch her.

Ain has been partial to the 5000 mile high waterfalls of Cirux 11 so we've been spending our time there. Aggil Baas says it's already out of vogue, and that next we need to witness the mass suicide of the population of Ellipius because it's a) historic and b) it's in line with the motif of the destruction of Earth (which I find a questionable comparison because what happened on Ellipius was directly related to the fact that their hive mind was disrupted when Worm Emperor Xnar slipped in the bathtub and died and his entire planet of slave-clones enacted their self-destructs, whereas the Earth is going to be destroyed by a Halberd Class mega-weapon for no apparent reason whatsoever. But they're both examples of mega-death I suppose).

As soon as our Space Ark arrives we'll be moving right into our deluxe suite, and I swear we'll never look back at this depressing little rock again.

Oh - except when it blows up.

Star Queens
6/9/2016 10:34pm

The blazing, burning existence of all matter through time. That's what Aggil Baas calls it. Aijo Freya and Ain call it the Holographic Fourth Dimension, and Agloniboiz doesn't call it anything at all.

But until you've seen a Halberd class mega-weapon moving through the void at close to the speed of light, you really can't know what it means.

From my sisters and I's perspective, it isn't headed right toward us. We're riding point, like Earth geese in flight, or our (space) cousins the dolphins riding in the wake of a ship, following it. Where it goes, we go.

And where it's going is here. Isn't it the most exciting thing ever?

We've already booked first class on the Space Ark. A suite for five, naturally. We even have our own dock, so we won't have to wait in line with the lower berths. This unexpected vacation adventure is a dream! We thought we'd be stuck on this rock forEVER.

Star Queens
5/22/2016 10:51pm

My sisters and I -- Ain, Aijo Freya, Aggil Baas, and Agloniboiz -- have been experiencing strange gravitational disruptions at lunch. That gloomy girl from the trailer park has been sitting near to us, and each time she does it triggers our fugue state. This is when we go to meet the true Music of the Spheres -- the Symphony of the Stars!

We watched the massive form of the Moon Digger claw its way up through the heart of the crystal city of Arainja, the seat of the Amethyst Empire. We watched undeveloped civilizations, tens of thousands of years old, annihilated by artificially triggered solar storms. We watched the Elder Machines as they folded up the time around them till they never existed.

Then our gaze shifts to a dark night of stars over desert mountains, and a lone 7-11 under a streetlight.

This is why we aren't generally over eager to make friends. My sisters and I have certain standards. Ewww.

Star Queens
5/18/2016 11:17pm

My sisters and I are misunderstood. Ain, Aijo Freya, Aggil Baas, Agloniboiz, and myself - we don't look down on anyone! We just share a bond it's not possible for other people to understand. The awesome majesty of the Amethyst Empire. The Galvanic Spires glowing in the exosphere of Rarardan. The mammoth Deathnaughts, each the size of a mountain range, in orbit around Tarkal. We can go there whenever we want.

So it's not that we're uninterested in your tiny little lives, or your "problems." It's that they don't even register to us.