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11/30/2018 12:23pm

hello! still searching for me? look no further !I know its a hassle to find me especially when I'm sleeping. maybe someone can throw me a bone and somehow help me awaken when dreaming so I can find YOU. :D ive noticed people can't call to me, but I can call to them. BUT I rarely have enough awareness to do so. just a thought. or we could talk right here. either way works for me. I fond myself more and more interested in this school and would love to meet some of you, even though I understand some of the extra curricular activities many of you enjoy such as "bleeding the whistle" or "tag team bro matches". yes, you are a very interesting and lively bunch of individuals that i would love to call friends. ill be reading the posts every once and a while in hopes for a shout out or a message to me. happy hunting and see you soon one way or another. :D

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11/22/2018 7:41pm

sooooooo…. how was everyones thanks giving? Im pretty sure some of you had a nice party. im also pretty sure that one group had a native American "guest" XD. how did it taste? HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! :D

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Psychic Snacks
11/21/2018 8:57pm

I love grilled cheese! psychic or not :D. feed me! we will be great friends!

11/21/2018 8:54pm

cant wait to meet ya. see ya soon enough. anyone wanna have a slumber party with me? im really bored and need some excitement. I would love to romp around with yall. I remember my first trip to the cafeteria. that's where I met that little girl. she was cute and apparently likes cake. I also had a run in with cotton boy. how is he? im guessing that hes not very happy right now LOL. what can I order at the cafeteria? I have a thing for seafood. play with me! im bored! I gots the slumber party fever XD.

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5/9/2018 1:03pm


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5/9/2018 12:03pm

Im here, but where am I?

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