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- 11/5/2016 2:06pm

i don't know what to write

might as well introduce myself
hello, my name is Amsden, but you can call me Synod.
honestly, the reason i came here, is because people at school never believe me when i tell them about this stuff.
doctors never believe in what they call "magic" but is oh so real.
so, i came here looking for a bit of comfort from all this, hopefully i can fit in with you all.

have a good day

- 11/6/2016 12:25am

Woelcme to Psychic High School, @Synod!

My name is nicola, and this is my first year. Tecnhically, my name has existed on the list of enrolled students for many hundreds of years due to linear time (if you believe in that sort of thing. I study Cryptonian (with a c, not a k) literature, Italian 2.0 (also known as 'funny Italian), second history, telepathic manipulation of small insects, and of course, the dreaded religious studies program.

It's a pleasure to welcome you to the school. Sorry about my poor spelling of welcmoe (wcmoele?), my ability to spell in English was slightly altered after a dorm wmelcing ritual.

Hope you enjoy Psychic High School!


- 11/6/2016 7:55am

pleasure to meet you nicola!
this is (of course) gonna be my first year too, actually found this site on a list of "pointless websites": hah, can you believe people call this pointless

anyway, hello, and thank you for the "wcelmeo"! no problem that you can't spell it right haha.

and i can tell i will enjoy my time here, as i said, finally get to relate to people and fit in, for once...

-syning off

Crystal Rosethorn
- 11/6/2016 12:52pm

Welcome Synod,enjoy your stay. Quick question though: What is your physic ability?

Crystal Rosethorn
- 11/7/2016 5:40am

Welcome Synod,enjoy your stay. Quick question though: What is your physic ability?

- 11/10/2016 3:20pm

Hi Crystal Rosethorn! Sorry for the bad English, though I am pleased to be welcomed all. Has psychic abilities, in my opinion, totally unnecessary, but who knows... Well, I can hear materials. I listen to objects that makes a distinctive sound that resembles a kind of personality and emotions. Sometimes they turn into three or four words but in good English, what else can they say? Nothing else.

Crystal Rosethorn
- 11/10/2016 6:07pm

Good to hear. I can speak with ghosts and do some SMALL magic. I do hope your enjoying your time here and I also hope that we will becomes fast friends.

- 11/10/2016 6:39pm

Welcome Synod!
I arrived here unintentionally as part of a travelling head-in-a-jar transplant display quite recently. I'm glad to hear you don't consider the school pointless - in fact, it's changed my life! I now have a body and I've rediscovered my psychic power of drawing power from and giving power to others.
Best of luck fitting in here (though nobody truly does),
Phoebe :)

- 11/13/2016 6:53am

@Crystal_Rosethorn, I hope the same! I hope to get more education in that which I do, but no one from my old school cared for actually. And @Phoebe, I'm glad you have a body out of this school! Must have been a great help. In any case, my best wishes to you both!

Crystal Rosethorn
- 11/13/2016 11:26am

The same to you @Synod!

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