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Jaters Wohn
- 9/9/2015 6:43pm

This is my first journal entry. I am now in Psychic High School.

- 9/10/2015 8:11am

Awesome! Welcome to PsyHigh, I'm Midna! I hope your experience here is a good one, and I hope you don't die!

Aaron Dee
- 9/10/2015 4:21pm

Why are my arms transparent? This keyboard is huge.

@Midna why are you and @Brooke Fields warning us? Are @Jaters Wohn and I in danger? I can't even find the laundry room.

- 9/12/2015 11:47am

Well, @Aaron Dee , I'm totally not forshadowing anything at all... hehehe,

Also, the laundry room is the 4th door on the left. Don't get lost trying to find it though.

Aaron Dee
- 9/14/2015 4:58pm

I've got a basket full of socks from the laundry room, if anybody wants some.

I made haunted sock puppets out of most of them and sold them on Etsy. But I only sold the right socks and kept the left ones so they are all quantum entangled pairs. They send me back reports about the people who bought them, and sometimes at night I use the one I have to make the one they have crawl around on their floor or buy stuff with their Amazon one-click accounts or drive their cars around.

Thanks for the tip, @Midna!

Baby C
- 9/15/2015 6:11pm

I've got a bucketful of bricks in my basement, baby,
and I'm haulin' 'em all upstairs,
just for you.

my mind trap trap
spiders! on the walls!
i ain't never gonna be safe no more

can't run away from your psychic spore

Big Jim
- 9/17/2015 3:24pm

Attention all new students!

You may be experiencing some disorientation during your first week on campus. If you find yourself experiencing vertigo, time dilation, buyer's remorse, or semaphore, just find one of the many Action Stations located throughout campus and place both hands on the large blue gem on the control panel. Soon, you will receive calming instructions, maps and directions, class schedules, cafeteria menus, stock data, racing numbers, weather reports, best friend's thoughts, and olfactory memory implantation to make your transition to campus life more seamless.

Another great way to get to know the school is to join @Randy Bernstein for his weekly Intramural Flying Club Meetup each Saturday in Mr. Lu's apple orchard at 11am. Dress appropriately!

And enjoy your term at Psyhigh.


Big Jim
Student Activities Coordinator
Class of '99

cc: @angel, @Kain Delo, @Eve Beard, @Isabelle Tate, @Shyla Zahariades, @Mememememe, @Sina, @polopen, @Sydney, @Eli Stuart, @Aaron Dee, @Baby C, @kelli mcdiggles, @Nebraska, @Elongtica, @JHON CENA, @happyozgu, @dancingshadows, @caneeljoy, @Assvenger, @Lil Gideon, @Irie

Randy Bernstein
- 9/18/2015 10:58pm

Thanks @Big Jim, that's right! The Intramural Flying Club is meeting 11am Saturday morning in the apple orchard. All new students are welcome - we'll be keeping it at tree-top level so no fancy flying will be required.

As for the weather, it's been alternately sunny, freezing cold, or pouring down rain, so come dressed for the full spectrum of possible meteorological disturbances.

See you tomorrow!

Randy B.
Levitation Level IX Raptor Scout

Randy Bernstein
- 9/19/2015 1:06pm

Micro-Cyclone Update

We'd like to thank everybody who turned out for Intramural Flying Club earlier today, and we're sure the students who are still missing will be located very soon.

It started as a beautiful morning, and Mr. Lu himself was leading small groups of new students on Shorty Hops around the apple orchard. We start them off with just "big jumps" over the trees, but then work up to mid-air stops, hovering, and directional changes. It's important for new students to understand our our air-traffic rules, right-of-way, and safety and privacy procedures.

Unfortunately, the icy micro-cyclones appeared without warning, and most of the new students were quickly sucked up and dispersed. The micro-cyclones may have been generated by the miniature black hole infestation that has been plaguing the school lately.

If you're a student that has been affected by this extreme-weather issue, merely concentrate on your Universal Positioning Mantra and an extraction team will be with you soon. Please do not attempt to return to school without assistance. Even if you've only ended up across town, it's possible you've landed in a different time or dimension and any actions you take could have an irreparable (or at least complicated) impact on our space-time habitation nest.

Thanks for your patience. And see you next week!

Randy B.
Levitation Level IX Raptor Scout

kelli mcdiggles
- 9/19/2015 11:07pm

i landed in a park in denver, and i've been concentrating on my upm all day and, um, is anybody coming to get me, @Randy Bernstein? it's dark.

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