We're all a Little Different

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- 12/22/2016 7:02pm

Well, this is my first day of admission and I couldn't be happier! To answer your question I do not yet know exactly what my psychic ability is quite yet but I do know that I've always felt as though I've never really fit in. Like at school, I'd be sitting in class and be bored out of my mind because it feels as though my teacher has droned on and on about a singular topic and I'm sitting there thinking "Haven't we already learned this?" only to find out that this is the very first time this year that he has explained it! I don't exactly know whether what I have would be considered an ability but I sure would like a bit of insight from my peers.

- 12/26/2016 10:12pm

Well, @IggyBrows, I think I can identify with you.

I've had quite a time here at this school, and actually discovered the full potential of my genetically-modified self.

You see, I arrived here as part of a Head Transplant show and immediately fit in in a way I never had before. Turns out I was able to participate in a degree of hypnotism and mind reading, as well as being semi-immune to pain as side effects of the gene tampering.

I hope you find your place here, I really do, but I must ask; how did you find this place? If you arrived, then you must have a power of some sort. I wish you all the best for figuring that out.

Good luck and best wishes,

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