Spider in a Glass

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Cat Statue
- 5/17/2019 6:15pm

Caught a spider in a glass and let it go, but then I didn’t wash the glass and put it back. Now I’m waiting to see who drinks from it first cuz you just know what’ll happen.

Come on down to the common room at Golden Flower dorm and place your bets!

Scoty Didae
- 5/21/2019 9:46pm

I've been sick ever since that night in the common room. Fortnite with neural interface mods, telekinetic air hockey, and that creepy Cat Statue staring at me. I swear she stares at me wherever I go.

I think I caught some kind of bug.

I woke up that night with a fever, my skin itching all over, and feeling like I was going to throw up. I grabbed a glass from my dresser and barfed up all this white stuff. It was wet going out, but as soon as it hit the glass it turned dry, and sticky, like cotton candy.

I haven't been able to get out of bed since, and keep hacking up the stuff. The room's a mess.

Anybody seen my roommate?

Scoty Didae
- 5/31/2019 9:47pm

I'd been in a fever for days, and when it finally broke I found my room was a mess. It was like wet tissue paper had been spewed on everything and dried. Had I been just tossing my kleenex everywhere? No wonder my roommate left.

My joints were so sore, crawling out of bed was torture. Standing was a chore, and even the slightest movement of air around me felt like sandpaper.

I had to claw my way through the fibrous white gunk to get to the door, and it was there, to my horror, that I found him--my roommate, Jiminy C. He was slathered in the white mess, pale and weak, but as I wiped the gunk away from his face, he stirred and looked at me. And screamed.


Scoty Didae
- 6/6/2019 12:16pm

“Dude!!!! You’re a SPIDER!!!!”

It took awhile for Jiminy to stop sputtering.

“Look at yourself! Look at your arms!!”

My arms were long. And hard. And hairy.

Jiminy had been trapped, horrifically pinned by the sticky white sputum, and watched my transformation over the course of days. My bed had become my egg sac, and what he saw crawl out was different from what went in.

Somehow I was still able to form sounds through my mouth parts.

"The... door...."

I used my claws to tear Jiminy free from the dried webbing, and together we scraped the rest from the door and cracked it open.

"There you are! I was wondering what happened to you guys. What's up?"

It was Candy. My sort-of girlfriend. Standing in the hall with a plate of cookies.

Scoty Didae
- 6/9/2019 7:34pm

It felt good to stretch my legs. Also the first time these spider legs had ever been stretched. I was much bigger than before though, and there was barely enough room for Candy and I to walk side by side in the halls. Jiminy walked behind us. He was used to being a third wheel.

"So, you're a spider now," said Candy.

One thing about Psyhigh is you don't get stared at in the halls. Other students will just rightly assume they're hallucinating, or you are, or it's a glamour or you're messing with their heads. Or they'll assume you're an actual giant spider, which is also no big deal.

"Oh, it's you, Scoty. Didn't recognize you there for a minute."

It was Frank, the Hobo Spider, hanging out in the breezeway.

"Hi Frank."

Candy was taking me to the cafeteria, since it had been days since I'd had a proper meal.

"Cafeteria Closed, by order of the Southern Chemical Giant."

"Waddaya suppose THAT means?" asked Candy.

She looked at me funny while she tore the yellow tape off the doors and swung them wide.


White smoke billowed into the hall.


Scoty Didae
- 6/14/2019 7:57pm

“It says here that the Southern Chemical Giant collapsed like 100 years ago, back in the seventies”

Candy was reading from an old copy of the Anthropomorphic Corporate Journal in the library.

“It liquidated, and the surrounding area was declared a superfund cleanup site, and it was never seen again.”

“That thing in the cafeteria sounded pretty convincing.” I was learning to work my mouthparts much better.

"Stuff like that is hard to contain. It gets into the water cycle. You know, pesticides..." said Candy.

Candy was sitting on one of those old chairs at a table in the library. I'm too big for chairs, so I was just kind of filling space, standing in the room. Candy came over and put her arm around one of my forelegs.

"I'm glad you're here. I think this Southern Chemical Giant could be bad news. The signs are all over the place now."

Candy and I hadn't really... touched... since I became a spider. I'm extra sensitive now, so it's way more intense for me. But my exoskeleton is hard, and covered with spiny barbs.

"I'm sorry if my skin is kinda... rough."

Candy stroked the hairs above my big eyes, just below the other eyes.

"I think you're a handsome spider."

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