Shorting Out

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crystal five
- 8/25/2016 12:07am

The Tower is definitely interrupting our powers, @Crystal Rosethorn, but it's not effecting everybody. Only you, me, @Bella, and @Luna are being disrupted. And @Chrissy McMuffin's hair. I don't think we can trust her hair.

So what is it about the four of us that makes us special? You and @Luna talk to ghosts. @Bella warps reality. I talk to my other selves in five adjacent dimensions. Don't you see? We're all sensitive to the walls of this reality. We see through it, or bend it. We know it's there like the edges of a soap bubble. We can see that we're inside it and we can put our hands right up to it and see the other side.

Except now we can't because that Tower is messing it up. I think it's time we see what's up in that Tower, huh? We borrow some black robes from the gym and walk right in. How about that? Who's with me?

We can do a practice run with my dolls first. I've got a vintage Barbie's Unsettling Tower (from the classic Barbie's Tarot Playset series) that will be perfect, and plenty of black robes from the G.I. Joe "Assault on the Monastery" kit. We can plan everything out ahead of time, so we'll be ready for any eventuality!

Crystal Rosethorn
- 8/25/2016 6:16am

Ya great idea! I'm pretty sure i can do a few invisbility spells the ghosts taught me to help us out if needed...also i went to the tower yesterday JUST the outside and tried to see how tall it is and it's pretty tall...almost taller than the school and i went there this morning and it seemed to grow taller? I dunno but i am usually greeted by my great grandmothers(who are ghosts) every morning and they didn't say a word and so now my daily schedule is messed up...we should go there tonight! oh and i can bring snacks i have tons...the ghosts leave me alot of snacks so YA!

Crystal Rosethorn
- 8/25/2016 6:25am

Oh ya sorry...gotta be quick i'm being yelled at for magic texting in class...anyways the tower seems to move over about 4 inches everyday...the scenery around it seems to well change,and i found a book called "Magical towers 101: How to create your own magical delusional scary tower in a matter of one dimension!" It was in the library(thanks to our old librarian Mrs.Vinsky,very kind person before she passed) If that's of any help...

Ok one LAST thing....where are we gonna meet,like as a meeting place to start the journey? Secret calls? signals? anything of the sorts? and what if somehow we get lost?(sorry i am a worry wart) I'm kinda old kinda new to this school so i don't know my way totally around the school plus something around here ALWAYS seems to be the fire in the science lab(the 3rd time this week)

Crystal Rosethorn
- 8/25/2016 7:42am

Ok i have an idea, How about we all meet in at the fountain near the front of the school to start and if one of us gets lost? And my room that i practice magic in is directly under the attic and the stair to the attic are in my magic room,if thats of ANY help what so ever,maybe there are even some old ghosts up there with stories of the tower or something,i dunno. Oh and a very small theory: What if its like a ritual? Like every few centeruies this happens? I dunno I will update you guys later with more information on this theory,Mrs.Vinsky said she will help also. Oh i hear the bell again...Blast! and i was just gonna talk with Mrs.Vinsky to...well i will have more information! Promise!

Crystal Rosethorn
- 8/25/2016 12:37pm

Ok more info: During the lunch hour i did some research with @Luna and we looked through my tower book and we really didn't find much,nor anything in the library...before we plan out how we will get there tonight i will check the attic.

Crystal Rosethorn
- 8/25/2016 3:19pm

Update: I looked in the attic and i found an EXACT model of the tower,just toy version. And alot of other useful items liks old lanterns,ropes, and some really cool cloaks,with designs on them like a green one with roses on it(I took that one) a black one with moons all over it,and a black one that has like 5 pointed stars on it...and they all have names written in ghost,but really old ghost language i can only understand one and it reads:Lunai or Luna so ya,Luna do you have any education on this or anything?

Crystal Rosethorn
- 8/25/2016 3:23pm

(also im sorry for writing so much its just i have OH so much time on my hands and since i can't talk with ghosts that often,if at all, all i have to do is explore! My sincerest aplogies girls)

Crystal Rosethorn
- 8/25/2016 8:14pm

*yawn* so its official...we will all bring lanterns and robes and each a length of rope JUST in case we will all meet up at the fountain and oh what else did we talk about? Oh ya we will have to put our plans on hold until monday because my science class is taking a 3 day alternate reality trip,Man i am so excited to go to the tower...its like first day jitters all over again! Well i HAVE to get some sleep so goodnight girls and may our powers tomorrow work most of the day,and our phones are ok! oh and if you girls where wondering why all the awesome robes i found in the attic had our names on them my ghosts got bored and so they made them,along with the tower...anyways see you guys later! Catch me up on events and please dont go to the tower without me!

Crystal Rosethorn
- 8/25/2016 9:36pm

I can't get to sleep..also around this time of night i have been noticing weird sounds like whispering and the shuffling of robes on the floor..and there i go i hear them again! time to go investigate,and wake up luna and the others in the process but its worth it!

Crystal Rosethorn
- 8/25/2016 9:50pm

I can't get to sleep..also around this time of night i have been noticing weird sounds like whispering and the shuffling of robes on the floor..and there i go i hear them again! time to go investigate,and wake up luna and the others in the process but its worth it!

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