School Store Oddities

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Kaia Malone
- 1/21/2021 1:34pm

I found an ancient tome filled with fairy tales in their original language. I am currently in possession of it an I am quite satisfied
5 stars

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Buttermilk Alfredo
- 1/17/2021 10:18pm

I took home a pair of safety glasses with software lens. Just like the ones old people use, to keep them on track. You know how you're not supposed to play with your parents' safety glasses with software lens but then you do anyway and it hurts and makes you a little sick? This is like a training set, with soft bumpers and railings where the poison hooks are supposed to be, so you can get used to it.

I really don't want them. I suppose they could help build up your immunity, but they're still addictive.

- 1/12/2021 7:56am

I just wanted a jumper. Just a new jumper after my last one got burn't to pieces, is that too much to ask for. Turns out they don't sell jumpers but they do sell:

1) jumping rabbit feet
2 ) jump weed
3) pre-made jump potion

4) J̵̬̲̦͙̟͇̾͛̍̅u̸̪̥͇̲͇͚̻̬͛͐͊̋̀̆͂͝m̸̧̡̬͔̼͚͔̏̂̆̈́͌͆͗͝p̸̗̝͙͖̼̣̺͍̍́͐̌͐̿́̀͜e̷̢̯̟̙̗̬̫̟̯͗͗͊͊̕r̶̼̻̤͖̺̤̳̻̗̔̌̔̆̀͊̕

5) ןย๓קєг
6) ʝʊʍքɛʀ
7) ʝųɱ℘ɛཞ
8) Ĵυϻρ

- 1/9/2021 7:47pm

Aw, that's sweet, uh... @Annie Sweet! Those Christmas lights were one of the best buys I made at the School Store on Psychic Cyber Monday. But now's an even better time to stock up because they're all 75% off. Get ready for next year! Though I hope you get out by then.

Actually, after Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year's, and Epiphany, I'm moving on. My Christmas decorations are stowed and frost sealed in their stone urns, and I'm turning my eyes towards Valentine's Day. It's just around the corner, you know! You need to start love potions fermenting now to be at their full potency when the 14th rolls around.

Kentucky Cheddar
- 1/1/2021 7:56pm

Moondrop Dewdrop Bottle

It was cheap, in the discount bin. It came with a little page of instructions inside it, printed in Etruscan. You use it to capture the raindrops or icedrops with moonlight in them. They stay lit inside the bottle, like fireflies, but live longer.

It is glowing on the desk in my room next to my Psyhigh snow globe.

Winifred Power
- 12/26/2020 9:30pm

I went to the school store for pencils and they looked at me like I was crazy. They told me to go to the Handy Mart in town. But I don't want to go to town, ride the bus, be around all those... people. I saw other students with those Psyhigh pencils but they wouldn't sell one to me. I think it's personal.

Lucas Arrum
- 12/10/2020 7:20pm

Alright, I'm finally out of detention! Three afternoons I think it was. Or maybe more... you can never really tell with Mr Strand. Anyway, today's item is a pocket watch, like you see in old movies. It's got a date in the back as well. My experiments revealed that when you crank it, time turns forward and backwards to match the time inputted into the watch. And it also removes your past self, so if you see anyone seemingly teleporting around, uh... just watch out for that.

Annie Sweet
- 12/10/2020 7:00am

I had an odd encounter at the school store.
How this began: I was wandering around campus in some pajamas. I still don't know how I got here, where here is, and other philosophical and practical questions most people will answer at some point. Anyway, I needed to change into other clothes. My shorts looked like an eight-year-old bought them at Justice, and felt like that too. So when I saw the sign for a school store, I decided to check it out. Better than wandering around campus in whatever the heckity heck this was.
When I got there, I immediately bought some sweatpants with the little cash I had in this wallet. But something else caught my eye. A leather-bound journal with crinkly yellowish pages, like something you'd see in a museum. It had a piece of twine holding it closed, and a wine-red seal on the front. I was intrigued. So I bought it, along with a bendy pencil. Don't judge. I then went to find somewhere to write.
Off-topic, but I did find a lovely little bench outside with a very pretty tree to write under. It had swirly carvings on it and was shaped like a horseshoe. Quite lovely.
Anyway, I finally sat down and opened the book. There was the typical, "This book belongs to _____", so I wrote Annie Sweet. I then flipped through it, and to my disappointment, there was absolutely no writing. I had high hopes.
But it was still a very cool looking notebook, so I started writing in it. I wrote a poem I always liked, The Orange by Wendy Cope. I decided to make this a book of my favorite things. I could make it live up to my dreams, no matter how high. When I had finished, I decided to take a walk to remember my favorite things.
As I walked down the path, I remembered it was lunchtime. And, lucky for me, there was a fruit stand here. How did I not see it before? So I bought an orange. It was huge. I kept walking, peeling as I went. And before I knew it I saw two guys. Now, I couldn't eat this whole thing by myself, so I gave them each a quarter. We laughed at how absurdly big it was, and I continued my walk. I felt content. Like nothing really mattered, yet everything did. I smiled.
Then I remembered, and looked in my new journal. The Orange. Weird, today is just like that. I glanced at my pencil and saw writing. I had assumed it was the brand of the pencil, but now as I examined it further, I saw I was right. "Lady Sharpe's Reality-Bendy Pencil". Huh. Who would've figured?

Lucas Arrum
- 12/4/2020 7:40am

A very special thank you to @Lia Bezos for providing today's item: a magic ball. It's not much bigger than your average tennis ball, and appears to be made of average red rubber. However, my experiments revealed that it seems to be exempt from friction and air resistance. In layman's terms, it won't ever stop unless acted on by an outside force. I managed to stop it before it flew out of the school, but it did take out Mr Strand before I managed to subdue it. Anyway, I now have detention for the next three days so the next entry may be a little late. See you then!

Lia Bezos
- 12/3/2020 6:21am

Sure. Meet me in the back of the cafeteria after school.

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