Rewriting Your Reflection

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Numbers Jenny
- 3/11/2016 9:37pm

Yes! 7!

@Winlock is onto something. @miJ giB writes in 7 word lines. There are 7 layers to all mirrors, made with 7 metals. 7 steps and 7 coats and 7 chemicals. 7 sides to a pyramid.

And the Seven Winds mirror factory, up north of Seven Lakes.

I'm headed there at 7am tomorrow to see what I can see.

Numbers Jenny
- 3/12/2016 3:10pm

I took the 7am factory tour at Seven Winds mirror factory today.

There was a seven course breakfast and orientation presentation. Each course was a different egg dish: hard boiled, soft boiled, poached, over-easy, sunny side up, fried, and scrambled. Then we took the seven paths, each with seven steps, till we ended up in the seventh sanctum, which is where we met the CEO of Seven Winds.

Guess who's the CEO? @miJ giB.

He laid out his seven part plan for the next seven months, and it turns out they are planning to go public and offer an IPO soon. Hoping to raise seven figures.

Seems like a rough time for them to be having PR issues with Psyhigh. Would losing Psyhigh be a big blow to them? Or could this all be orchestrated by the Dean? Some kind of magical corporate intrigue? Hostile psychic takeover?

Nick Gleason
- 3/13/2016 9:24pm

All the body movements in the catalog are organized into 7 major categories - squat, lunge, hinge, push, pull, rotate, and walk - and paired with seven different animal forms - squirrel, cat, dog, raven, goldfish, cricket, and snake - as well as seven different technology types - construction, communication, transportation, medical, agricultural, manufacturing and power. They are all baked in to the seven day calendar. Life is a giant beanstalk made by stacking them all up, weaving them all together into the braid that is the raw material of time.

But why would the Mirror World be interested? Shouldn't they have their own version? Created by a mirror me? And wouldn't mine be all backwards for their needs?

Something doesn't add up.

Alra Mist
- 3/14/2016 8:38am

Sorry to be an eavesdropper @Nick Gleason, but I heard your musings about the mirror world and I agree that things are getting out of hand. Not that that's an unusual thing to happen at Psychic High School.

The mirror in the girls restroom is no longer just a silvery hand, but it has also produced an arm and a rather intimidating shoulder. If you take too long washing your hands, it tries to take a swipe at you. So while I don't know whether its good or evil, at least we know it's protective of the environment.

Now, back to my regularly scheduled drudgery through homework assignments that actively hate me. Huzzah.

miJ giB
- 3/14/2016 9:58pm

ƚɒʜƚ ƨƚnɘbuƚƨ ɘʜƚ ʞnɒʜƚ oƚ ɘʞil b'I
ƨiʜƚ yɿoƚɔɒᖷ ɿoɿɿiM ƨbniW nɘvɘƧ ɘʜƚ bɘƚiƨiv
oƚ ƚiƨiv ɿiɘʜƚ ɘqoʜ I bnɒ ,bnɘʞɘɘw
bnɒ ǫninɘƚʜǫilnɘ nɒ ƨɒw "ɘbiƨ ɿɘʜƚo ɘʜƚ"
.ɘɔnɘiɿɘqxɘ lɒɿuƚluɔ ǫniʜɔiɿnɘ

nɘʞɒƚ ƨɒʜ blɿoW ɿoɿɿiM ɘʜƚ ,ƨɘiɿuƚnɘɔ ɿoᖷ
yɒƨ uoY .blɿow ɿuoy moɿʇ ƨɘuɔ ƨƚi
ɿuoy ʜɔƚɒɿɔƨ uoY .qmuႱ yɒƨ ɘw ,qmuႱ
ƨ'ƚi won ƚuᙠ .ƨɿuo ʜɔƚɒɿɔƨ ɘw ,ʞɔɒd
ɘʜƚ no ɘoʜƨ ɘʜƚ ƚuq oƚ ɘmiƚ
ƨ'ƚɒʜƚ - ɘno ƚɒʜƚ ƚon ,oИ .ƚooʇ ɿɘʜƚo
.ɘno ƚɒʜƚ ,ƨɘY .ɘno ɘmɒƨ ɘʜƚ

ʜƚiw bɘlquoɔ ,ɘƨɒd llɒƚƨni ɘldibɘɿɔni ɿuo ʜƚiW
ɿuoy ʜɔiʜw) ƨƚnɘmɘvom yboᙠ ʇo ǫolɒƚɒƆ ɘʜƚ
ƨu oƚ ɘldɒliɒvɒ ɘbɒm ƚƨuႱ ƨɒʜ nɒɘᗡ
OꟼI ǫnimoɔqu ɿuo ,(ƚnɘmɘǫnɒɿɿɒ lɒiɔɘqƨ ʜǫuoɿʜƚ
bɘbɘɘn ɘv'ɘw ƚniɿqƚooʇ ɘʜƚ ƨu ɘviǫ lliw
ƚɔɒqmi ʇo bniʞ ɘʜƚ ɘʞɒm yllɒniʇ oƚ
.blɿow ɿuoy no oƚ bɘƚnɒw ƨyɒwlɒ ɘv'ɘw

ɘzɒᎮ !won ƨu ɿoʇ ʞoo⅃ !nooƨ ƨu ʇo ʞoo⅃
ll'uoy bnɒ ɿoɿɿim ƚƨɘɿɒɘn ɿuoy oƚni ylqɘɘb
.nɒɘm I ƚɒʜw ɘɘƨ

miႱ ǫiᙠ
ɿoƚɒnibɿooƆ ƨɘiƚiviƚɔA ƚnɘbuƚƧ blɿoW ɿoɿɿiM
yɿoƚɔɒᖷ ɿoɿɿiM ƨbniW nɘvɘƧ OƎƆ
96' ʇo ƨƨɒlƆ

Nick Gleason
- 3/15/2016 10:13am

What??! @miJ giB wrote:

ɿuoy ʜɔiʜw) ƨƚnɘmɘvom yboᙠ ʇo ǫolɒƚɒƆ ɘʜƚ ʜƚiw...
ƨu oƚ ɘldɒliɒvɒ ɘbɒm ƚƨuႱ ƨɒʜ nɒɘᗡ
...(ƚnɘmɘǫnɒɿɿɒ lɒiɔɘqƨ ʜǫuoɿʜƚ

It's true I had to put it in a mirror to read it. But "special arrangement?" No one mentioned anything to me about a "special arrangement." The only thing "special" about it was that the Dean was going to keep the Catalog of Body Movements safe. He has no permission to do anything with it. IT IS NOT HIS. What is going on, @Big Jim??!!!

Big Jim
- 3/16/2016 6:27pm

Hey students! Great news!

Hostilities with the Mirror World are now over. Through delicate and artful negotiations by our very own dean, Dean Hammer, Psyhigh is now once again on warm and friendly terms with the denizens of the Mirror World.

This means it's now safe to look in the mirror again! Which I am sure will have a very positive effect on everyone's general appearance. In fact, the Dean suggests that everyone spend as much time as possible in front of mirrors from now on. Please set up large, floor length mirrors throughout your dorms, dorm rooms, houses, public transportation, fast food restaurants, and coffee shops, and go about your daily routines. Free mirrors will be provided at Mirror Stations, Mirror Carts, and Mirror Tents being set up tonight all over campus. Take as many as you like!

If you didn't get your reflection rewritten, no problem. That assignment is no longer required. Also, students should review the changes recently made to the Psychic Student Rights Handbook concerning ownership of magical intellectual property created by students while at school.


Big Jim
Student Activities Coordinator
Class of '99

Veronica Sawyer
- 3/17/2016 11:02am

March 17, 2016.
Dear Diary,
Well, today the infirmary staff, draped in iridescent robes, whispered in my mind that all the Mirror World bullshit has blown over and it's safe to look in the mirror again, blah blah blah. Thank God.
So I'm back in the game, studying shards of pottery from dead civilizations, reading over my runes until my eyes bleed, downing can after can of Red Bull, waiting to take my finals. They're giving me extended time because of all the quarantine stuff, which is great. I need all the time I can get.
The other Veronica, @Veronica V. Vincent , seemed really happy to see me again. She always speaks in an OVERLY ENTHUSIASTIC TONE, which I honestly find really, really, creepy.
Maybe we'll start our own clique. Like at my old school, those three girls all named Heather, a triumvirate of mythic bitches.
All we need is a third Veronica.
Well, dear Diary, I've got thirty minutes until finals begin, and I need all the luck I can get, seeing that luck hasn't exactly been on my side lately.
Happy days are here again,
Veronica Sawyer

Nick Gleason
- 3/18/2016 1:03am

I am disgusted. The Dean has made the Psychic Student Rights Handbook a joke.

The addendum added just this week:

"All magical intellectual property created by students during their time at Psychic High School will be considered the property of Psychic High School. By attending Psychic High School you also hereby provide Psychic High School the rights to all other magical, psychic, mystic, arcane, parapsychological, mythic, and otherwise unusual work product created by you during the course of this lifetime, and lifetimes transmigrationally related, in perpetuity."

The school has rights to EVERYTHING I've ever done? Or will do?

By stealing my Catalog of Body Movements, and sharing it with the Mirror World, it's obvious the Dean is making a play to corner the reality market. And @miJ giB has been completely transparent about his plans. With both of them working together - and using the power of the Catalog - there's literally nothing they won't own. Every single moment we use is described and captured in that book. And now the Dean and @miJ giB can capture us inside all those moments.

DON'T look in the mirrors. DON'T allow yourselves to be reflected. And whatever you do, DON'T engage in any of the body movements that you usually use. For instance, I'm typing this while standing on one foot. Then, I'm going to walk sideways to my room, sit down on the carpet, and sleep with one arm on a chair. I strongly encourage you to do the same.

luz miller
- 3/21/2016 9:44am

I've been spending all my time looking in the mirror, and observing myself through surveillance cameras, old family photos, google earth, in the background of television news reports, reality shows...

I have come to the conclusion that I am not the person in the mirror, or on the screen. Which means I'm also not the person that's being reflected either. Or I'm both the person in the reflection and the person being reflected. Which means I'm not really either of them.

So while the Mirror World claims one part, and the Dean is claiming the other with the Catalog of Body Movements, where am I really?

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