Psyhigh Fair and Rodeo

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Lasso Larry
- 7/25/2020 10:04pm

Well yee-heck. Ever since my troubles with that wildcat @Lily Piedmont, I've been a bit down in the dumps. I thought I'd be doin' some good by spending my retirement teaching little whippersnappers what I knew about equine wranglin', what with my twenty years experience as the number one stunt rider for flying ponies in Hollywood. But kids these days, I tell 'ya.

So I made the mistake of moving into Fumbles the Rodeo Clown's double-wide on the outskirts of the UHE (United Horse Empire), and well we fell into some old bad habits, drinking cactus juice from sunup to midnight, burnin' bonfires and throwing bottles. Ventually the UHE Centaur Cops had to get involved, but it was all for the best because it was time for ol' Flying Lasso Larry to clean up his act and get back on that pony.

And that's when I had the inspiration for the Psyhigh Rodeo, @Ms. Hazeltine.

Ms. Hazeltine
- 7/26/2020 9:20pm

Why yes, @Lasso Larry, a Psychic High School Rodeo sounds like a wonderful idea. The Psychic Groundskeeping should be wrapping up soon, and the newly refurbished Psyhigh Fairgrounds will be "just busting" for a grand re-opening later next month.

Did I get that right? With the "just busting" reference? Like, "bronco busting" or "busting buckaroos" or "getting busted by the sheriff"?

We look forward to the Psychic High School Rodeo, @Lasso Larry. And of course we'll need to have all participants sign an additional waiver concerning injuries sustained through interactive mythological animal sports and husbandry, but we can just include it as a rider to the cafeteria subsidy.


A. Hazeltine
Student Activities Coordinator

Lasso Larry
- 7/30/2020 10:39pm


This here's an open invitation for all the psychic cowpunks and bareback brain busters at Psychic High School:

We are now taking entrants for the Psyhigh Rodeo, to be held Saturday, August 22nd, in the Old Corral, located behind the gym right near them great big piles of sentient compost.

Sign up in the tack room to try your hand at classic psychic rodeo events such as ( but not limited to):

Bareback Bronto Bustin'
Ghost Wrangling
Pegacorn Riding (Eastern Style)
Team Devil Roping
Giant Poisonous Centipede Barrel Racing
Horned One Wrestling

Centaurs with student ID from the UHE (United Horse Empire) are welcome to participate.

Get your name in the running today to win FABULOUS PRIZES!

See ya' in the tack room!

Les Noable
- 8/2/2020 9:00pm

And in the summer, we would wear cowboy hats.

I’m in!

Cairo Ostracon
- 8/8/2020 7:19pm

Will there be a cat flying room at the psychic fair, @Lasso Larry?

Lasso Larry
- 8/11/2020 8:57pm

Well heck yeah, @Cairo Ostracon there'll be a cat flying room. One for the small cats and one for the big cats. There'll also be a butterfly tying room, mind baking contest, worm pulling tournament (weather permitting), a corn-mile jump, and an antique doctor pull. This is a proper psychic fair and rodeo.

You might have noticed the Great Horned Beetles that arrived in the semi-trucks recently--looks like the team roping event is on. The Brontos are due to be airlifted in this weekend, the ghosts are beginning to arrive by mail for the wrangling contest, and those Giant Poisonous Centipedes are looking pretty surly in their pens. They'll be in quite a mood when the barrel racing starts.

Plus! Surprise special guests this year: The Big Ropers! You just won't believe what they will do to you. Stay tuned on that one!

It all happens Saturday, August 22nd, in the Old Corral, located behind the gym right near them great big piles of sentient compost. Don't forget to sign up today!

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