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Regina Templeton
- 6/10/2020 8:48pm

There was a big bubbleman on campus today. I saw him at the far end of the great yard, towards the river. Then he walked into the wood.

Are you talking to the bubblemen about our summer activities @Ms. Hazeltine? To show us the ways of making giant bubbles? I hope with all my heart you are.


Rosy Predictions
- 6/8/2020 8:36pm

This darn rain makes things sloppy, but it still affords wonderful opportunities for meeting our psychic kin in our particular biome.

Like the earthworms! You know that squishy sound when you hear them churning in the great yard? I started by tap tap tapping on the sod with my stick, and once I had their attention I began the earthworm calling dance. You need to dance in your bare feet on the wet grass in a way that has no discernible rhythm, and yet is complete unique and definable because of its lack of discernible rhythm. Just like in the 16 Dances we learn in gym.

So I'm doing it and the grass is getting slick but eventually a slow wave rises in the lawn and passes under me. And then another, bigger, and another, until finally the mud is crashing all around me and there, hovering in the air, poised to strike like a mighty cobra, it was Tragwyddoldeb! MotherFather of the Earthworms! 30 feet tall when she's standing at attention. Then, she gracefully set down in front of me, eight feet tall. Or thick, I guess.

Tamed by my dance, she allowed me to scale her septum and scramble to the top. Not as icky as you might think! Climb up on their heads, not their butts. (Their heads are farther from the clitellum than the butts. And by the looks of the clitellum on that one there were babies ahoy!) Once you're standing up there, you can guide them with another dance, stomping on their setae to direct them. It doesn't hurt them I swear.

I let this one wander though, and we ended up back at @Janitor Pete's compost pile behind the gym. It must have broken out of its pen! I know because it was bigger than usual earthworms.

I left it there and wandered back, careful to walk with a steady clomp clomp clomp so it wouldn't follow.

Ms. Hazeltine
- 6/6/2020 3:35pm

Yes @Alea Downton, I think a Gem Club would be an excellent way for our mineral-powered magic persons to keep their craft honed over the summer. What a wonderful idea!

You should use the Gemarium, which is situated in the cupola above the laundry facilities on the far side of the gym. And by lucky coincidence, there are exactly thirteen stations of the Gemarium, so you and each of your friends will have a seat around its famous roundtable made of petrified wood!

The Gemarium may need a little cleaning and dusting, however. There's a janitor's closet down the hall.



A. Hazeltine
Student Activities Coordinator

Alea Downton
- 6/5/2020 11:28am

Hi @Ms. Hazeltine!

I wanted to ask you if perhaps there was a club for students with sorceress and sorcerer gems/powers? Me and about 12 other kids would be really happy if there was!

- Alea

Regina Templeton
- 6/3/2020 10:09pm

Hey @Ms. Hazeltine I've always wanted to learn how to make the giant bubbles like the giant bubblemen do down by their fires at the side of the river.

Can you get us a giant bubbleman to come train us in the rituals and methods for creating giant bubbles so we can make them here on the green green grass of campus? That would be so cool.


Rosy Predictions
- 6/2/2020 9:58pm

I've got a lovely bucket full of limpets! Collected directly from the Chromatic Rain Garden on lower campus. They're quite easy to catch, actually. You just wade through and they stick to your wellies.

They can be rather stubborn coming off though. It's where that old story comes from about the girl on the beach who picks up the sea snails and shakes them -- shakes them till the snails fall right out of their shells. In that way she is separating life from death.

It is unusual to find so many in freshwater. I'd almost call it an infestation if they weren't so cute. I wonder if they are in the same clade as the specimens that @Abigail C found attached to her face?

Ms. Hazeltine
- 5/31/2020 9:40pm

Summer is upon us students! And for those of you remaining on campus, that means more time for Psychic Student Activities!!

No doubt we'll be continuing many of our most popular activities, including of course my favorite: Extrasensory Archery. The psychic med techs continue to make improvements on my brainwave-powered traction suit, and I'm now able to get back and forth from the psychic archery field completely on my own. All the clanking sure does scare the birds away though I will tell you that!

As well as our already exciting roster of current activities, new clubs and activities are always welcome -- just be sure to sign up on the bulletin board outside my office with the ball point pen attached to the piece of yarn, and we'll make sure you're properly scheduled.


A. Hazeltine
Student Activities Coordinator

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