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Olivia Ruiz
- 6/30/2022 8:59pm


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- 6/30/2022 4:08pm

Oh that sounds horrible @Novs Hunsmu! Thank god I got lost and missed the ceremony ahaha.
Well to be honest, I think I'm still lost.
The bee people are absolutely no help at all, every time I ask them where I am, they scoff and ignore me. I think I'm next to that one giant beeswax statue of their queen.
If someone could find me, that would be nice :)

lois hanshakee
- 6/29/2022 8:15pm


bzzzzz bzzzzzzzz bzzzzzzzz

Novs Hunsmu
- 6/27/2022 10:11pm

I barely escaped with my life. 

Quite obviously done up for human sacrifice, members of the New Student Committee marched directly into their doom today. They were resplendent in their finery, and took on the nature of noble ambassadors. Or sheep. 

Well, everyone but @Terra Diggs. And @Hoot Owling. And @Journey Searches, but they were always too shy to drink the kool aid of the Bee Cult. None of them made it to witness this macabre and horrifying ritual.

As the students marched in rows down the oozing, beeswax halls, the hive took on a new buzz... something so hideous and abnormal as to be physically appalling. Was I the only one to understand its accursed malevolence??

Dripping golden curtains parted, and we entered the Chamber of the Queen. 

“BZZZZZZZZZZZ” she buzzed. 

Her mandibles clicked as she stared at us through soulless, multifaceted eyes. 

My skin crawled.

The students began their dance, gracefully cutting a figure eight across the honeycombs, waggling all the while, until each one landed on their destined hex. 

At which time the very royal jelly that formed the substrate of those evil cells reached up and pulled each student down into their sweet cavities and swallowed each and every one of them whole. 

Glub glub glub

It was then that I made my break, sprinting back through the syrupy curtain, through the long tunnels of the hive, and back into the library of the New Student Lounge, where I smashed the bookshelf in with a hatstand and wedged it shut!

Of all the many schools in all the many realities I’ve made it my hobby to explore as a new student, I will tell you with complete honesty that this is certainly one of the closest scrapes I ever gotten out of!

This is study was funded in part by through a stipend from my trans-reality ethnography sponsor, Venus Sands Real Estate. 

Olivia Ruiz
- 6/25/2022 9:52pm

The New Student Committee spent a lot of time studying the VHS tape @Ms. Hazeltine gave us, and we got pretty good and the dances so we figured it was time to show them to the Bee People. 

@lois hanshakee took us to meet the bees. We put on our best summer bee formal wear. @Lilax looked just like a flower! It was very cute. 

So we did the dance, moving in figure eights ninety degrees off each of the points of the hexagram the school was built on. @Hoot Owling did all the math. 

The Bee People were mesmerized. They want us to come back and do the dance for the Queen!

This is not the "new student dance" I was expecting. But it's great being goodwill ambassadors or whatever. Going to look great on my high school resume!

Ms. Hazeltine
- 6/21/2022 10:53pm

It sounds like you may be in the New Student Lounge, @Trinity. Or at least the vast beeswax tunnel system beneath it! Feel free to join the others in the sitting room, where I'm sure they'll offer you a soda or whatever it is you kids drink these days. @Seketus Reed is fond of Sentient Mycelium Vinegar Rickeys.

Anyway, I know they've got a load of snacks because they charged it to the New Student Committee credit card. And I believe they are watching a compelling documentary on the Waggle Dance on a VHS tape that the school recently acquired.

Just don't spend too much time with the bee people down there! They're so eager they can get quite anxious. Their warm buzzing sound may put you at ease, but it's best we all move cautiously around them.


A. Hazeltine
Student Activities Coordinator

- 6/19/2022 5:39pm

Heyy uhhh, I don't exactly know where I am right now. I think one of the portals are playing up? I'm think I'm in a maze, idk the floor is wet and it's just the same room repeating. The wallpaper is like super old, and sorta yellow? I don't see an exit, I think I'm stuck.

lois hanshakee
- 6/18/2022 9:53pm

now i am friends with one of the bee people she is a worker her name is Merz

we walk in the halls of her masonic bee temple

"how do you make all this honey?" i ask Merz

"where are the flower fields?" i ask Merz

"how big are the flowers?" i ask Merz

my words bounce through the hive and through the wax and through the honeycomb temple until it buzzes in bee language

Merz's buzzes bounce back through the hive and through the wax and through the honeycomb temple until it speaks in human language


"you are our flowers!" answers Merz

"your minds are our fields!" answers Merz

"your energy is golden!" answers Merz

Merz gave me more honey would you like a taste here you are

Olivia Ruiz
- 6/14/2022 10:32pm

In light of @lois hanshakee's extraordinary discovery, I started spending some serious time with the books in the New Student Lounge library. And guess what? I ran across a big old book called "Sentient Bee Cultures and their Identification" on the tippy-top shelf. It was dusty and had a wax seal.

So I'm reading it and it says that the only sentient bees that make hives underground are MASONIC BEES! Which fits right in with the fact the school gardens are built on a giant hexagram, and scaled to the 47th Problem of Euclid.

Believe me, I know about this kind of thing. My parents made me do both Rainbow Girls AND Job's Daughters. I was running from one meeting to another for years.

lois hanshakee
- 6/12/2022 10:02pm

hi so i'm a new student, just kind of lurking in the back

but i made a discovery that is important to share with the new student committee


today i was spending time at the new student longue house, with nobody else there

i thought i'd get some homework done, but got bored and started to explore

in the library room, it's like a half moon of shelves, around a circle of big flagstone tiles, right?

hexagonal flagstone tiles

i was thinking, and pacing, and walking in circles. and then i walked a figure eight.

and one of the bookshelves opened like a door


there are bee people and i met them. i walked down the secret passageway behind the shelf and there they were. very busy people but very nice. very buzzing. very wax.

they gave me this honey would you like a taste here you are

no i do not know where they get this honey. because they are big bee people just like you and me, and if they were flying around on campus believe me i think we would notice.

so i thought i should probably tell the committee

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