My Experiences With Flesh Eating Entities (Or: Why

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Abigail C
- 5/13/2020 5:47pm

My Experiences With Flesh-Eating Entities
A personal multi-part essay written by Abigail Carter.

!!!! IMPORTANT: Please note that this entry (and most likely all other entries in this series) will include some graphic descriptions. Some aspects may be omitted if they are too gruesome, but gore comes with this topic. Apologies for any ruined appetites. !!!!

I will tell a story first, just to use as an example when further discussing these entities. My first ever encounter with one took place when I was only six years old.

Given my age, this, of course, takes place in my homeland of Scotland. My sister and I were outside looking for one of the family cats, who had gone missing just a few hours prior, leaving a litter of three kittens behind. This was unfortunate for both us and the kittens, as we needed a continuous supply of them for our experiments, and they were, of course, left without a mother to nurse them. Perhaps luck was on the side of the kittens, though, as we hand-raised them, and at least one of them survived long enough to die of semi-natural causes.

The cat's name was Lucille. She was a small but proud creature, with well-groomed white fur, round green eyes, and a strip of orange running down her spine.

Poor Lucille's eyes would not be green much longer, nor would they remain fixed within her skull. No, my sister and I would find them, as well as her entrails, strewn about in a clearing. It was for sure an incredibly disgusting and gruesome sight, but not as horrid as what we were about to come across.

The gore seemed to lead off into the underbrush, so she and I decided to follow the path. This would turn out to be a fairly unwise decision, as I'm sure you've deduced.

Before we could begin even walking towards the scene of Lucille's untimely slaughter (which I suppose she was destined for anyway), a creature came rushing out into the clearing.

It was covered in scraggly black fur, with large, yellow-tinged eyes placed seemingly at random across its skeletal, simian body. It looked about wildly, breathing heavily from its gaping mouth, which was full of uneven, bloodstained teeth.

Luckily for my sister and I, it ran away as soon as it saw us.

Still, it is quite a shame that we lost a good cat that day.

1908 - 1912
EATEN BY s̸̛͚̼͇̼̩̼͙̔́͋͋̎̎̔͌ò̴͔̯̣̠̰̬̦m̸̻̥͎̞͉̔̉̆̓̈̊͘ͅe̷͖̝̳̘̟̖̟͙̪͙̿̆̇͑̚t̴͔̯̙̩̐̌́h̸̫͖̎͑̀̔̍͝ì̵̢̳͕̱̤͓̖̓ǹ̷̢̛̝͚̭͔̖̹͔͗̀̌̃͘͜͝ͅg̵̢̼̗͚̘̼̜̈́ ̵̰̠̍̃f̴̨̜̲̈́r̶̢̙̼͋͛̓o̶̧̲̘̖͔̹͓͎̾́͑͛̍̓͠m̸̨̨̢̞̘̱̝̠̯͊͛̌̄ ̸̢͎̻̜̹̝̻̆̏̂̆t̶͕͈̯̩̪̹̹̜̞͊̋̊͗́̍̈́̕ḫ̵̢̫͙͚̝̺̭̦̠̀͐͊̏̅̋͂͆͋e̷͔͍͇̤̝̻̅́͆̋̔̐̀̎̌̆͜ ̵̺̭̮̇̔̆͠o̴͈̯͖̘̭͎̱͐͗͐͑̑͊̊͜ţ̸̪̱͚̖̻͆͂̋̅̄͒h̷̛̠͙̫͖͖̤͍̊͗͋̂̅͌̈́͝e̴̡̫͔̓̌́̈́͂̽̑͝ͅͅr̷͚͑́͐̂́͠ ̵̡̢̣͇̝̻̯̞̯̜̓̓s̷̞̠̤͔͉͍͋͌̐̈́̕i̶̠̳͖̻̬̎̎̃͜d̵̹́̐ê̶̡̝͎̥̭͚̠͓͂́̽͒̀̋͐

Abigail C
- 5/14/2020 7:20am

Since the necromancy club has been approved, I think I should move into a serious discussion of flesh-eating entities.

The name 'flesh-eating entities' is a very broad term that may be applied to a wide range of creatures who all share one defining trait: the innate desire to hunt down, kill, and, of course, consume living flesh. Most entities will also settle for the bodies of the freshly deceased, which is why in areas with large concentrations of them, there are specific preparations and rites to be preformed on any new cadaver.

Another trait which every entity shares is an extremely sensitive sense of smell. In high-activity areas, the dead are often buried in specially prepared flowerbeds. They have a strong aversion to floral scents, and, as such, the flowers should be enough to deter any hungry entities from digging them up.

Their sense of smell allows them to identify their past victims by the scent of their blood alone. That is why my sister and I had to leave Lucille's corpse in the forest where we found her - if we had touched it, her blood would be on our hands. The creature then would be able to follow us back home, and God knows what would happen then. ... Well, one can imagine what would happen, but I would prefer not to.

Anyway, it seems that connecting these two posts would cause the journal to become a 'story'. How exciting. If you have any questions about the entities, feel free to post here and ask.

... And if you have any questions about the necromancy club, I will be hosting a small gathering to gauge interest this Saturday, May 16th, at 7:00 PM. Please be present in front of the administration building by 6:45 PM as we will need to prepare to descend into the below-ground cellars. I have yet to examine the Crypt myself, so there may be unforeseen consequences. I am experienced with these sorts of things, though, so do not be deterred!

Abigail C
- 5/14/2020 7:21am

(Oh, the title got cut off. Boo.)

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