Murder on the Moon

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Morgan le Roq
- 7/12/2015 11:16pm

Whew what a party! It's not even done yet but just wanted to let you know everything's great. @Concrete Morgan is dancing, and totally recovered from one of her spells that she had late this afternoon. Mackenzie was all about a big Disco Dance and wanted to be sure Concrete came. It is the best! Somehow Leim 9 got in, and even that's been great!

I showed Concrete how to "skate" - which means how you have to learn to walk on Moon Base, and works just like it sounds. She's really getting the hang of low gravity and she's showing it on the dance floor tonight! Go @Concrete Morgan!

Morgan le Roq
- 7/13/2015 2:53pm

There was a murder. On Moon Base. A MURDER!!! And @Concrete Morgan is in the brig!

MURDER. Murder never happens except on TV, right? And I feel like it must be my fault for getting @Concrete Morgan up here. There's no way she did it. I mean, yes, she's clumsy, and she has been having those weird dizzy spells ever since she's been here. But, I mean, there's no way. No way.

It's that creepy Leim 9 that is dead. He was at the Disco Dance - we all were - and I lost track of Concrete and just figured she went back to our room. But when she wasn't there I started looking for her and there's a room in our wing that was taped off and Moon Base security was all over it and they took me in and asked me questions all night. I heard from the grapevine that he was squished to death. The Ganymedians look like big giant zits, frankly, with kind of a bigger growth at the top that's sort of their head with the hole in it they make talking noises through. They kind of slide around on their big zit bodies. Apparently his head was popped and he oozed out everywhere. And Concrete was passed out on the floor.

Oh my god I still can't believe any of this happened. I'm totally freaked out and sick.

Junior Agent Lulu
- 7/13/2015 10:25pm

Junior SPECIAL Agent Lulu reporting for duty on the moon.

Luna, actually, is the proper name of our moon. Though I'm still just a Junior Psy Corps Agent, my familiarity with Psychic High School and its students made me indispensable in this investigation. Er, well, it was enough for them to agree to take me up.

Not a fan of the low G, however, I will tell you that. But I'm even less a fan of murder. And in this case, an interplanetary crime. Because it's Luna, the Psy Corps have some jurisdiction, but it's only a matter of time before the Galactic Directorate uses their muscle to take over the investigation. So the Psy Corps would prefer to solve this, and fast.

I'll be speaking to all the witnesses, and all the members of their witless "Disco Dance." Good lord. They can set up a whole lunar base, and all they can do is put on some kind of "rave" every night? No wonder things got out of hand.

If you're here on Moon Base and have seen anything possibly relevant or suspicious, I'd appreciate you letting me know. Because if you don't, I'll be spending my time hunting you down, and then both of us will be in a worse mood.

- 7/14/2015 6:53am

Twinkle twinkle Moon Base One,
Known for being lots of fun,
Up above the world so high,
Stopped talking without a "goodbye".
Twinkle twinkle Moon Base One,
Bathed in light from accusing Sun.

I sure hope that everything on the Moon Base One is okay. My friend Gina who works in telepathic communications said that they stopped sending out signals suddenly yesterday during one of the parties they like to throw. She said the last message to get through was about a shortage of toothpaste, and in the background somebody started yelling about intergalactic crimes. This is almost as fishy as the sudden appearence of steak fries in my dorm room. Then again, Nobody IS invisible. Maybe she slipped in and out unseen? Either way, these are my favorite steak fries. I'll eat some with lunch.

Ugh... why do I suddenly get the creeps? It feels like somebody is looking over my shoulder. But nobody is here... wait, why do I have two... no, three shadows? They better stay away from my steak fries whatever they are!

- 7/14/2015 2:55pm

I did not see anything! But how could I with all the flashing lights?! But I really dig Fantastic Beats and Where to Find them and want to know where I can download it.

My jumpsuit itches.

Morgan le Roq
- 7/15/2015 2:00pm

I really want off Moon Base now. Right now. I want to be anywhere but Moon Base. But the whole base is locked down while they gather all the evidence they need. Yeah "gather the evidence" it's not like they aren't already sure it's @Concrete Morgan and are just making it look like they're doing their "job." I still feel sick. Could it really be her? I don't know.

The interplanetary press is having a field day with the news, though. Seems like nobody really likes the Ganymedians and are happy just to paint them as the ugly, repulsive victims. And any reason to rip on earth they eat up.

All the interplanetary news is reported in Galapspin, which is like the galactic Esperanto, so everybody can understand it. The Ionians are kind of standing up, a little, for the Ganymedians, demanding answers and culprits, but likely just because they're both in the Jupiter system. Those Ionians couldn't be more different looking than the Ganymedians though, so tall and skinny with their long black robes and feather headdresses. And I hear their dogs don't like the Ganymedians at all, and I heard the dogs will rush up an pee on the stumpy, zitty Ganymedians as soon as they see them.

Anyway, I'm sure special hardass @Junior Agent LuLu will have me in for more questions. I'm not supposed to talk with anyone in my Pod, but Mackenzie has been nice and sending me new songs from Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them, so I can at least zone out and listen to that. She's the best.

Junior Agent LuLu
- 7/16/2015 11:39pm

Junior Special Agent Lulu, sucking wind on the moon.

There's lots of reasons the Psy Corps wants cadets. Any kind of psychic power can be useful in the field. As an investigator, it's my telepathy that interests them.

We all know it's illegal for the government - or anyone, really - to just flat-out read minds without consent. But there are legal limits to the extent that empathy and mind reading can be employed, as clarified in the Heinzdwarf - the psychic Miranda warning. And there's a lot you can pick up in an interrogation when you know your way around minds like I do.

I interviewed @Morgan le Roq, @sAMUEL PIP, and all the members of her study group - her "pod" - that were at the Disco Dance on the night of the murder. Alexis, Jacob, Leslie. All the kids checked out ok, just all bit fuzzy from their techno dance orgy. I read them all like an open, boring book.

Mackenzie, the group leader, was a different story. During our talk, I stumbled around a bit in her vacuous halls for awhile, but then ran into an obstacle. A big one. She's got a Level 9 Psycurity block on most of her mind. I asked her about it, but she told me she wasn't cleared to talk about it, and I'd have to take it up the chain of command.

This puts me in a difficult position. Bureaucrats.

Of course I talked to @Concrete Morgan too, but there isn't too much of her at home right now. Lights are barely on. I'd like to wrap this up and get her to a proper psych hospital as soon as possible. Otherwise, there might not be much left there.

Still on the hunt for any more people who may have seen or heard something. I'll only have to ask you a few questions.

Moonmaid Urella
- 7/17/2015 12:36pm

I'm just part of the housekeeping staff on the Moon Base. There's no minimum wage up here but the tips can be HUGE!!! Especially in the diplomatic wing.

Morgan le Roq
- 7/17/2015 9:19pm

Special hardass @Junior Agent LuLu maybe isn't so bad after all. She lifted the "assigned to quarters" thing and let us out. She is even letting Mackenzie hold a Disco Dance, which Mackenzie said would be tasteful but that people needed to be together during this time. Which is so true. She is like the greatest study leader ever.

Also she told me she has new Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them! Which really is what I need right now.

Still, so sad. But maybe dancing will help. Mackenzie says the whole base is invited. To pay their respects.

Junior Agent LuLu
- 7/19/2015 12:36am

Junior Special Agent LuLu, mopping up on the moon.

Things are quickly returning to normal after last night's raid. Alert Level is down to Burnt Sienna. The base is crawling with Galactic Directorate (in some cases literally), and I've got a ton of paperwork. But I'll be off this lunar trailer park pretty soon now, so that's a plus.

Did I mention I hate dance music? EDM? Especially PSHEDM - Psychic Sedative Hypnotic Electronic Dance Music. Can't stand that crap. I've built up tons of defenses against it over the years. That and earplugs.

Mackenzie's "Disco Dance" nights were working parties. Once she got the kids under, that's when she'd really put them to work - building and deploying Stealth/Micro Space Stations. @Morgan le Roq showed them how to build them. Jacob, the gravity kid, worked his energy into the batteries. Leslie was working her magic in oxygen and hydroponics. And Alexis - the large scale teleportationist - would zap them out to where they needed to be. And none of them would remember a thing, due to the mind control of Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them. They've been pumping these stations out for weeks by the look of it.

Mackenzie needed them for just one more night. She must have been working against a tight deadline to try and pull it off right in front of me. She was overly confident of her "heavy beats" apparently.

Leim 9 was on to her though. He got too close - and I'm betting he knew what he was looking for. Secretly deploying that kind of spy base is completely against every Galactic Directorate agreement Earth has. So who was running this secret, illegal, underground operation on Moon Base? With access to the highest military-grade mind block psycrypto? And using kids from Psyhigh to do it?

And not just using their powers to do it. They set up @Concrete Morgan to take the fall when things with Leim 9 got messy. No pun intended.

Things got a little messy for Mackenzie in the end too. Once I documented their elicit production line I called in the Psychik Pstrike Team to shut it down. We had Mackenzie in custody for about 15 minutes before her bosses pulled the plug on her brain, remotely. But in that quarter hour she spilled a lot of beans. Maybe she knew there was no way out. She confessed to the murder of Leim 9, to making the stations, to Ganymede being their deployment target. But she didn't have any real names or facts to share. Just one code name for it all - MORMO.

As to who or what MORMO is - looks like that question is above my pay grade.

Also looks like all these Psyhigh kids' school trip is over. Time to get @Concrete Morgan back to Earth. The other kids will need to sober up from their techo addiction, and answer some questions from the Galactic Directorate, but they'll be home soon enough too.

Just another week on the job for Junior SPECIAL Agent Lulu.

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