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- 8/13/2017 4:48pm

My normal route through the campus is usually delightfully uncrowded, save the occasional Three-Eyed Snake wranglers. Since I've been back, however, it has been a nightmare to walk through. There have been students running every which way with bits of paper in their hand chronicling which building is where and how often it pops up there. I can barely get through the thick mass of students (I didn't even know that many people were enrolled here), but there are no alternate routes that I know of.
I approached @Hector Penman, hoping to strike up a deal.

"Hey, Hector."
"Uh. Hey... um-" He squinted his eyes as though he thought he recognized me.
"It's Carlysle." I extended my hand, and he shook it, smudged ink rubbing off from his palm.
"How may I help you? Looking to join the cause?"
I wiped my hand on my jeans. "I suppose in a loose sense."
"What- what does that mean?"
"Listen. I like to research. And the nature of my research means I have to visit almost every library on campus. Because they have a tendency to jump around in a pattern, I have notes about the locations of every library on any given day of the week."
"Well, that's great!"
"I will give you the notebook where I have written these notes- on one condition."
He hesitated. "And what's that?"
"Help me map a good route that gets me through an average school day while also avoiding heavy foot traffic."
He smiled and offered his hand again. "Consider it done."

Hector Penman
- 8/16/2017 7:56pm

Today I was very pleased to present the first prototype of the Mapping Psyhigh Project. It's SHEWM: the Student High Efficiency Walking Map!

I made it for @Carlysle in exchange for vital psychocartographic data. But I realized it was a great time for a proof of concept for the mapping project as a whole.

Carlysle's notebook was a goldmine. Not only did it have extensive data on the libraries and their movement, but including information on Carlysle's favorite places on campus for bubble tea and snacks, goat viewing (aggravated and otherwise), restroom locations (thought you would be interested @Rogelio Horvat-Plunk), some first draft poetry and sketches... and that's when I realized I should just stick to the "map related" information the notebook contained. (Though really, since all of our experiences are deeply influenced by who we are, how could a map accurately reflect someone's reality without knowing more about them? But, I digress.)

So, in order to properly display the locations of all currently recorded Psyhigh psychogeographic data points, depending on time of day, year, position in the Milky Way relative to our local subcluster, horoscopical house, language of the user, mood of the user, point of view of the user as influenced by other entities observing the user at that time, etc., I put together our first working model. The SHEWM.

It's roughly the size of a hat box, and projects the map (depending on the coordinates requested) out of many tiny holes onto the walls, ceiling, and floor of the surrounding room. For this version, a red ribbon is drawn between destinations (presumably the user's class schedule), in the order provided.

It was just a matter of applying the Clairvoyant Travelling Salesman Problem and the Fourth Primary Color Theorem to the psychogeographical dataset I was provided. Certainly not "magic!" But remember! A map is only as good as the data it was built from.

I'm sure it will be a great help to @Carlysle to get between classes this year. And I can't wait to continue to make improvements on both the data and the technology of this very first prototype.

Thanks for all the contributions so far and keep them coming!! We're doing so great!

Hector Penman
- 8/25/2017 1:30pm

Product recall!!! Do not use!!!

After giving @Carlysle my SHEWM prototype (the Student High Efficiency Walking Map)... they seem to have disappeared. I know I shared it with a few more of you as well, but after double checking all the calibrations I discovered a couple of possible errors which *could* result in the user finding their way into a "next door" reality.

While it's unlikely these "next door" realities differ enough from our own to be dangerous, they are, at the very least, not THIS reality, and could result in your missing classes in this reality, or having a duplicate set of parents and friends, or running into the "next door" version of yourself (which they never say is good).

So please, if you have a SHEWM prototype in your possession, DO NOT USE IT to find your way around campus, do not trust or share the directions it gives you, and please return it to me as soon as possible.

Thanks for your understanding!!!

Rogelio Horvat-Plunk
- 8/28/2017 2:10pm

I got my hands on a SHEWM and the errors you describe explain a lot, @Hector Penman. I used the device to find a restroom (finally!) and on my return to class found someone sitting in my seat--and it was ME!

Had I known about the dimensional skipping issues, the dimensional skipping issues, I may have taken greater care, but apparently concerns about the universe exploding if you meet your double are completely unfounded! My double and I get along great, and there were hugs and high-fives right off the bat, so I can say for the record that physical contact with your next-door reality double poses no threat whatsoever.

We've had a grand time playing no end of practical jokes on friends and taking turns shouldering the burdens of school work while the other sleeps in or goes on a lark. I only wonder if my credits are transferable back to your reality as I'd hate to make a mess of things back there.

- 5/1/2018 2:28am

That lovely time of year again. May. In like a Velociraptor, out like a Brachiosaurus. Being new to campus I'm looking forward to exploring the grounds, gardens, food chains and higher dimensions. It can all get a little confusing though. It's a shame that we don't get a map when we start. It would help newbies like my self immensely.
I've already made a new friend - @Melon Seawater. I'd like to see more of Melon, but she's really throwing herself into File Cabinets of Mystery, so doesn't have much time, space or continuum to spare at the moment.

Melon Seawater
- 5/1/2018 8:48am

Student @Hector Penman created a walking map for new students last summer, @KRMorben, but it was never certified for general use. It’s currently locked up in the Hall of Dangerous Inventions.

Down here in the File Cabinets of Mystery there’s a whole section for school maps, and no two of them are the alike. A pair of students—the Shengen Twins—have been scanning them for the archives. I’ve heard that overlaying them on top of each other has led to some interesting discoveries (the maps as well as the twins).

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