Just a normal well... Or is it?

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Wooba Song
- 11/18/2019 6:59pm

Ok so I have a lot of time to write so I guess I will. So I found this well in the forest surrounding campus; I dropped a stone down but didn’t hear anything, and I couldn’t see anything even when I shone a flashlight down it. It was just pitch dark, like the light was getting sucked into it. I am hoping to find out stuff about it soon.

Wooba Song
- 11/18/2019 7:03pm

So I just checked the library, there was a book called “Portals: How to Create Them and Where to Hide Them.” It said something about some portals being in ordinary things like wells and sewers that lead to somewhere else. It didn’t mention anything about them being pitch dark though. I will continue looking and hopefully find out what is going on.

Wooba Song
- 11/19/2019 8:49am

I’ve just had a breakthrough. It seems like the well is actually a portal to the Void, as I keep on finding void droppings near the well. I think we should investigate more. If there are any people who would like to volunteer to investigate, please @ me in a post. This is urgent! (Sort of)

Basilton Pitch
- 11/19/2019 5:20pm

@Wooba Song I would be glad to assist you in the investigation of this bizarre well, I myself am quite curious about the issue. As far as the investigation goes, what exactly would we be doing? Would we be venturing into this Void portal, or just observing from afar. Also, is there anything that you would need me to bring, supplies wise? Just @ me in a post with the list and I will come prepared. A thousand thanks!

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