Interplanetary Internship

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Clark Thompson
- 11/28/2019 4:33pm

Psyhigh has this ridiculous Winter break that lasts from the end of November all the way past New Year’s.

I’ve got no home to go home to and I don’t want to just hang around campus, so I signed up for one of those interplanetary internships.

We leave for Ganymede tonight!

Clark Thompson
- 11/29/2019 3:59pm

Teleportation to Ganymede is as quick as teleporting to the library. Of course you need your passport, and there's extensive security that they put you under for. Rumor is that it includes some pre-cog modeling to assess your "future threat." That's still illegal on earth. Supposedly.

Anyway, got my cabin. It's tiny, but has porthole to Ganymede's interior ocean (which they call "The Ocean.") The water's super clear, and the bio luminescence lights stuff up for as far as you can see.

There's a couple of days before the internship starts, but I have to go to orientation.

Clark Thompson
- 11/30/2019 9:36pm

Too sick to go to orientation, but thank god I wasn’t the only one. I heard that the students from Mad Scientist High and Radical Leftist High couldn’t make it either. We’ve all got the space queazies. So what if it’s my first time in space?! It happens to 84% of everybody, they say, even with artificial gravity. 

I spent the day in my cabin, curled up on my bed with my eyes closed, riding out the spins.

Clark Thompson
- 12/1/2019 7:04pm

Make-up day for orientation on my Ganymedian Internship. I didn't know that along with students from other paranormal high schools there's at least one other Psyhigh student in the program — Buffy Chan, who you may know from Spirit Team.

So for you it's Sunday, but there’s a whole other calendar they use most places in space. It's meant to provide a “level playing field” for all the different types of sentient life and potential environments they come from, but I still don't understand when the “weekends” are. I mean, they can’t just make us work everyday, amirite?

Aside from that it was mostly about interspecies protocol and colony safety stuff. I got a handout.

Clark Thompson
- 12/5/2019 8:03pm

Ganymede is a typical interplanetary way station, neutral ground for various space-faring species. It's a stopover for creatures traveling through the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the galaxy, far enough from Earth that you can park and not raise suspicions.

There are consulates and supply shops, but what really draws the crowds is the water. While it's WAY too cold for a human to swim around naked in, there are plenty of life forms who find it very comfortable. And they feel the salts and other minerals in the water have special healing qualities.

So there are pool rooms where the various interstellar visitors strip down and let their tentacles loose and soak in the icy, salty water.

And can you guess what my internship is? That's right--interplanetary pool boy.

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