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Leonardo Radonio
- 12/26/2016 10:36pm

The name's Leonardo Radonio, but you can call me Leo. Or, anything you want actually *wink.* I arrived at Psychic High just today and I'm ready to have some fun!

Okay, here's my story. So ever since I was like three I've been able to do a couple of cool tricks with energy. First of all I can take energy from people on contact, and second I can generate it. That means I can change its form. Like, turn it into light or heat or magnetism or something. Third, I can move it with my eyes, so I can form patterns with the light or make someone hear a sound in a specific place. That's why my eyes are this golden color *wink again.* And basically I came here so I could show my tricks off to people like me.

Anyone who wants to hang out or something, that'd be chill. So yeah, nice to meet you guys and all.

- 12/27/2016 10:21pm

Hello @Leonardo Radonio,

It's a pleasure to greet you to PsyHigh. Your powers are quite incredible and I hope we can soon become friends.

I'm afraid my abilities are not as amazing as yours are, with only lowkey psychic powers as of now, but feel free to come to me with any questions you may have.

Not that you are likely to have any issues, of course. You seem like the kind of guy who'd be popular within minutes of walking into the school.

Best wishes,

Leonardo Radonio
- 12/29/2016 12:13am

Hola @Phoebe,

Thanks for the greeting, I really appreciate it. I have no doubt that we could become great amigos really quickly, if that's what you want, of course.

But I am a little curious about one thing - how do people generally go about... Making friends and all that 'round here? I mean, thanks for offering a hand and all but I can't just have one friend! I need at least a couple to hang with, you know?

But anyway, it's good to know I'm welcomed here. It looks pretty chill. But does anyone know if there's a class on energy manipulation? Thanks.

- 12/29/2016 7:20pm

@Leonardo Radonio

Well it seems like you really are 'Rad.' Like, because, you know, super cool powers. After all, energy manipulation is pretty awesome, like, people should be in awe. Like, maybe I should stop using the word like.

I'm quite new as well, but you know, instead of getting around and you know, making friends, I stayed shut up in my room. You know, like a social leper. Quite usual of me, if you ask.

I try to be nice and poetic and mysterious but I end up repeating myself and stuff. Maybe my miniature blue cat will better my status.

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