Fortuna Strikes Back

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- 6/30/2015 4:06pm

Dear Somebody,
Claude has joined me in The Room again. Apparently the weather has turned scorching. Again. I've gotten quite a stock of food in here now, non-fishy items that Claude and I stole, er, borrowed from the kitchen, including (but not limited to) sprinkles, cat food, tacos, merrigue pie, and carrots. I'm really starting to like The Room a lot. Just when I was growing tired of the unchanging climate, the unidentifiable light source darkened and a pleasant, light rain shower fell for just the right amount of time. Sleeping here is nice too. I have wonderful dreams.

In other news, this Fortuna business doesn't sound good at all. Especially since she seems to be holding a grude of some sort. But if I'm invisible, maybe she can't hurt me! It's not exactly on another dimension (I think), but if I can't be seen, I can't be hurt, right? *trips over a rock while invisible* OWW!! But still.

Scilph thinks I should leave The Room, but... It's so nice here. And everything is so... not nice outside The Room. Not to mention slightly terrifying. And Walls thinks I should stay here to stay safe. *sigh* I suppose Scilph has a point. And if it truly is Fortuna (which at this point I think we can all agree that it really truly is), then I suppose I ought to go up to the surface and help my friends. Especially Walls. But still. I guess I'll leave The Room. But... I'll leave tomorrow. I don't really want to sleep in the same room as Mattie, and it won't make much difference if I just stay the one night, will it? Everyone will be fine.

Farewell for now,

- 6/30/2015 9:33pm

I'm kind of sad. The heat has returned and all 58 of my snowpeople have melted. Snowy... Flakey... Chilly... Screwy... Happy... Sneezy... Dopey... Doc... all of them reduced to mere puddles of water. *sniff* But at least I know that they went to Snow Heaven! Paci told me all about it! It's always winter and there are plenty of carrots and they all live in igloos together drinking hot chocolate! Yum yum! Pacifica always knows what to do to make me feel better! Maybe I'll give her this prayer shawl Mattie and I made. That would be a wonderful thank you gift!!!

Mattie is still acting funny. She keeps calling me dear, honey, and now even child! It's funny, because we're the same age! I like how nice she is... but I miss all the adventures we used to have also! She always had a (disastrous) plan for the day! What an active and determind girl! Well, she still is, but now she's like a grandma! A grandma determinded to make that last batch of cookies before her afternoon nap!

Mattie really changed during our play date - um, I mean when we were hanging out today though. Her hairstyle is completely swapped, and she got a little bit taller. I call a foul! I'm already short, I don't need my besties making me feel even shorter! (I'm kidding guys, if you're tall I still love you! GROUP HUG! *hugs*) Weirder still, she asked me to throw out some of her make-up. It was so pretty and sparkly though, I just couldn't! So I've hidden it under my bed -- shhhh! Don't tell anybody it's there! That's our little secret! *wink* Curiously, the label on the make-up mentions that one of its benefits (besides being water, insect, fire, slime, glass, glare, envy, apathy, void, gravity, wind, and cat proof) is that it prevents the wearer from being possessed! I don't know why she would need this... I'll tell Paci when she comes home! She'll understand this! She's been pouring over S-AL's books all night though, so it may be a while! But that's okay, what could happen in one night?!?! I might as well settle in for a nice night of sleep!

(P.S., hey @slug master, I heard you like to knit! If you want to help Mattie and I knit more shawls, let me know! It's tons of fun! Except when Mattie stares creepily at you like she's using her subliminal message powers! *laughs* We can be BKT! Besties Knitting Together! We can knit sweaters with BKT on them! Omg, this'll be SO MUCH FUN!!!!)

- 6/30/2015 10:04pm

Sleeping is a bad idea tonight. A very bad idea. *guzzles Lovesick Soda* Can't sleep. She'll reach through. I don't want to see behind the screen. It's depressing. And my sining goes unappreciated. You'd think of all people... no. I'm not going to think about it. Because it makes me sleepy. Can't sleep. Mut distract self. Sleep is dangerous. Sleep opens doorways, just like a broken mirror or a reality bubble. Not all doors are meant to be opened. Not all dreams are meant to be dreamt... *continues guzzling Lovesick Soda and rambling as she wanders through the halls*

- 6/30/2015 10:06pm

*singing, not sining. Ha ha. It's barely ten and I can't even type. How will we survive the night? Must tell the other students. Must tell the teachers. Must not fall down stairs. *falls down stairs*

- 7/1/2015 6:56am

~Ehem... I am speaking on the behalf of Morris, who is currently... uhm... rocking back and forth in a corner and occasionally screaming. He has been driven insane by Fortuna. The utter fear of going behind "The Screen" has taken over him and thrown him over the brink of insanity. *sigh* I am so worried for him... Scilph is currently trying to comfort the poor boy. He keeps asking her to show him her hands, and whenever he does, he goes completely silent, traces the lines on her hands with his finger. But the he realizes that he can't feel in a few seconds, then goes back to what he was doing before. I have no idea what makes this happen....~

~Little does Morris know that... he CAN'T go behind "The Screen". He cannot receive the dream, because he cannot sleep. I have tried explaining this multiple times, but he just keeps saying "The screen. the screen, beyond the screen..."~

~I am truly worried for him. I-I don't know what to do.~

- 7/1/2015 7:47am

Dear Somebody,
I suppose I'm going to leave The Room now. I had such pleasant dreams though, and they were ...uh...about.... I've forgotten. Oh well. Also The Room doesn't seem to want me to go. It keeps producing sprinkles (they still smell fishy) and the "weather" has turned stormy. Oh! And words keep showing up scrawled all over the walls saying things like "stay" and "don't leave you can never leave don't leave stay stay stay sta-" (that one was cutoff when the writing reached the floor) and "you're safe here" "stay safe". It's slightly disconcerting. Especially since it feels like something is dragging me away from the archway every time I start walking toward it. Claude's tail has started to bristle and he's a little on edge.
*more writing appears on the walls* ---You don't really have to leave, do you?---

Well... Yeah I guess I do. I want to find out about Fortuna. And see if Walls is ok.

---But you don't have to leave until three---


---Or at all---

I'm supposed to get Mattie. That's specifically what Pacifica said. "Nobody bring Mattie".


Talking to @Walls is fine, but talking to these walls is just weird. I'm just going to grab my non-contaminated sprinkles and g- Oh. The arch is closed... Even if I spin around three times.

Let me go ask Claude. This might take a while.


Farewell for now,

- 7/1/2015 12:11pm

Well, @Gretel is passed out in the hallway outside my room. I'd try and move her, but all the Lovesick Soda she drank has made her body really twitchy and hard to hold on to. I hope she isn't having a seizure. *prods Gretel's arm with foot* *Gretel groans* Nah, she's alright. When all the sugar wears off I'll probably bring her to the infirmary. This shouldn't be a big deal. *Gretel moans and twitches* She'll be fine.

The main problem right now is that Atlantica locked the door to our bedroom before she went to bed. And now she won't wake up. It's almost noon, and she's still sleeping! Usually she's up at the crack of dawn to "Watch the pretty lights as the sun rolls into the sky and says hello!" I hope she isn't ill. I can't find out until she unlocks the door what's wrong though. I keep knocking on it, but she just mutters sleepily and shuffles under the quilts Mattie made for her yesterday. I'm actually starting to get a little worried. I left some of my Fortuna research in our bedroom! Even if Atlantica doesn't care about all this, that information is still important to me. I need it before three! In half an hour if she doesn't wake up I'll probably ask Tulka for an extra key so I can --

*Napkin appears and gently floats onto the computer's keyboard*
*Reads the napkin*
*Freaks out*
*Bangs on bedroom door*
*Desperately throws a chair at door*
*Gives up and (tries to) run out of dorm, jumping over Gretel as she runs*


[The napkin reads: "Don't wake your sister, dear. She's having a nice dream beyond the screen. Please be good for me, honey, and wait until I'm done working with her. Love, Fortuna Atrox"]

Matching by Mattie
- 7/1/2015 12:39pm

Good afternoon to you all. This unfortunate heat is persisting in its troublesomeness it seems, travel to and from the school has almost completely stopped! Guess there's NO ESCAPING school grounds or the weather now. What. A. Shame.

But there's no reason to worry about that, now is there? We just have to focus, and push on, and ignore all the bad or disturbing things we hear are going on around school. That's ot to say I'm not worried about poor, poor @Morris. The poor, suffering dear. I'm actually making a quilt for him right now in hopes it will bring him some small comfort. See, this is a very special quilt. Besides some... other things it also brings the surrounding air to the optimum temperature for your body. Perfect for the current state of the weather! I don't know if Morris sleeps... or if he can even use a quilt... but maybe @Scilph can use it if he can't. I made a pretty little blankey just like this one for @*Atlantica* and I heard that she is absolutely loving it! Hopefully Scilph and Morris will too.

I'm also a little concerned about dear, dear, @Nobody. She hasn't come back to our dorm in what feels like DAYS! I do hope she isn't in any danger. Wherever she is hiding, she should really be a good little girl and come out. I left a quilt for her on her bed as a "welcome back" gift. I've really been into quilt making recently. The process of making/enchanting them is so calming.

My plan is to make enough for everyone in Psyhigh. With this unpredictable and INESCAPABLE weather, it may become necessary for everyone to have one of these quilts. It's only amatter of time before YOU get one I'm sure. I'll toil day and night with my lovely friend Ava to make sure there are enough quilts for everyone. Stop by whenever to pick one up. They are free, tempature optimizing, and nightmare proof! Perfectly perfect I'd say. Right, Ava dear? *Ava replies in a dazed and submissive voice* See? Our goal is your mind Psyhigh. Your piece of mind. *Ava mumbles something distractedly* No, honey. I don't believe I spelt it wrong. Come, let's get back to work. @Morris (and probably @Walls too) need some nice security blankets.

- 7/1/2015 1:25pm

~No, no...~

~This cannot be happening... only Scilph and Pacifica are left... A-Atlantica can't be taken behind the screen already! N-not yet! Th-this is m-m-madness! Morris has disappeared off to seemingly nowhere... Scilph is panicing... Atlantica, Gretel, and Mattie have been taken behind the screen... Pacifica is here with me...~

~This my fault, my fault... I-I cheated and I knew I wasn't supposed to... I cheated and this is the price I must pay for what I did.... I do not know how to take them back... please, Fortuna, have mercy! I'm begging you... I do not know what to do...~

~Fortuna... don't hurt them... they are innocent... it was me, it was me...~

~Mommy... don't hurt them...~





- 7/1/2015 2:37pm

Dear Somebody
I HAVE A SOLUTION. I think. After much spinning and salt and attempted escape through secret cat entrances/exits, the... Being, that inhabits The Room revealed itself. It turns out that it was a sprite that took pity upon the students when it found out about Fortuna/the weather. It decided to shelter and protect any student (and pet) that came into its domain. Which was me. And Claude. Nobody comes to the catacombs besides Nobody *laughs at own joke* Anyway, we managed to come to an agreement, and the sprite (who happens to be a water sprite, which is why everything smelled fishy) has promised to help us to the best of its ability. I actually have a book, entitled "Depossesion 101" that it gave me.

I'm going to go find the others who are still not yet "behind the screen" and maybe we can regroup down here. The temperature is reasonable (and more comfortable and roomier than a freezer), and we'll be protected from Fortuna. Also, Eralonia, did you call Fortuna.... Mommy??? If I wasn't so terrified of what's happening, I might be shocked/slightly amused by all the drama and plot twists.

But first I'm going to remove all the blankets from Walls and from outside the dorms, and remove the new paint on Walls. Then I'm going to grab some stuff from the kitchen (including tin foil and sprinkles) and visit Mattie "like a good little girl". Claude is awfully good at origami, especially making hats.

Oh! And I highly recommend burning any blankets from Mattie and/or Ava. Or ANYTHING from them, actually.

Farewell for now


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