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Leslie Bonfire
- 11/18/2019 1:06pm

Well, I finally caught something in my void traps. Trouble is, it turned out to by my roommate! I sent them out to check the traps and they got sucked into the one by the library.

The traps were specifically built *not* to capture any students exhibiting humanoid-spectrum biosigns, so I am 99% this is a result by tampering from PETOVA activists.

If your roommates begin to disappear, please lodge a complaint directly with @King Burr and @Aggie Chandler and @Osore Satou and the other activists who are endangering our community.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to get my roommate out of the trap but I’m not sure how! I can hear them rattling around in there when I shake it, but how exactly do you remove a humanoid-spectrum roommate from a proto-void environment? I think I threw the instructions away with the rest of the packaging for these traps...

Aggie Chandler
- 11/14/2019 1:11pm

@Leslie Bonfire, I'm asking you politely to stop trying to catch the void animals. Willow and Hare are becoming sick with worry and will not let their kits out of their sight for a second. It's really bad for their health, and they seem to be losing sleep. If you find void-goo covering your belongings or house, don't blame me. Not to mention the squirrels. I know @King Burr has started disabling the traps, but it's only a matter of time before he misses one and a squirrel gets caught in it. Alex refuses to leave my side now; his anxiety has gotten worse. I've barely seen the cats at all the past few days. Please stop trying to catch them. They're better off without our interference. The squirrel kits have already started planning something, but I have no idea what it is. Last time they got up to mischief, a teleport was broken and students a faculty ended up scattered across the planet. I'd hate to see what happened should they try to take revenge on you. Not to mention that every time I try to practice my shapeshifting abilities now, I have to be extra careful. So please, for the safety of you, the void animals, and others, please stop. Thanks.

King Burr
- 11/14/2019 11:14am

@Leslie Bonfire I have come to disarm each and every trap you have set for these creatures. You will not be continuing with the plan to choose what you will with them and I will not be allowing it to happen.

It is that simple.

Leslie Bonfire
- 11/14/2019 8:20am

These feral void pets are harder to catch than you might think. We weren’t able to get any in the crosshairs of the de-emulsifying cannons we installed on the roof of Boötes dorm, even though we skipped classes for three days. (But don't worry are petitioning the extradimensional biology department for extra credit to make up for it!) 

Speaking of petitions, I think all the student resistance to what we’re doing is really misguided. The administration has refused to take action because of pushback from PETOVA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Void Animals), so my roommate and I are the ONLY ones providing a humane response to these poor void animals' plight. And their anxieties. And infections. It’s really their best interest that we have in mind. 

So, anyway, we're going to need to set up traps. If you see one of our devices around campus, DO NOT TOUCH! We don't want to get you sucked up into the proto-void holding environment, do we? :)

Osore Satou
- 11/13/2019 6:10pm

Masaaki keeps following me around wherever I go, be it school, home, the store, etc. He follows me everywhere and while it turns a lot of heads, I don't care. He's my new best friend (aside from King, of course. King will always be my closest friend). While he's not with me 24/7, when he is around he proves to be more than "just a dog" as most have come to believe. He actually helps King's father clean up around the house (after much convincing from both of us for him to even allow Masaaki into the house) by consuming everything that isn't needed. All he does is hover over whatever he needs to clean up and then Poof, and it's gone. Most of the time he will shimmer the primary color of whatever he's consumed, but sometimes it's just gone, never to be seen again.

He's not allowed to stay overnight, and it seems like he goes back to campus at night. Maybe he has a home there that I haven't noticed before. That, or maybe the rift where he came from is somewhere on the school grounds and it's not visible to the naked human eye.

All in all, Masaaki is turning out to be a very helpful and caring friend. I wonder if I'll be able to communicate more clearly with him sometime soon.

Aggie Chandler
- 11/9/2019 10:08am

So I heard that @Leslie Bonfire was wanting to catch Masaaki and the cats to put them up for adoption and... no. Just... no. Not only do we no almost nothing about these creatures, we have no idea how to take care of them. Not to mention that they seem perfectly capable of taking care of themselves. I asked the cats their opinion on this, and they are extremely against it. They would hate being pent up in a kennel or house, and treating them as pets just adds further insult. It’s best that we leave them be and keep doing what we’ve been doing.

On a happier note, Jay and Luna are mates now! I’m sure there will be little void-kittens running around soon. Juniper and Hare’s kits, Willow, Crow, and Night, are now old enough to start hunting! They’re all really excited, and have been practicing on Alex. Alex, of course, does not appreciate this at all, even though we know they won’t be able to hurt him because of the whole invulnerability thing. Other than that, there’s really nothing else going on. See ya!

King Burr
- 11/8/2019 4:26pm

Hearing students wishing to take these void beings into their own hands is just wrong. Don't go and start kenneling things that you possibly don't understand, or can't speak too because who knows if what we consider an animal form they consider their natural body!

You are doing no more than degrading these creatures! Feeding them is one thing, making sure they do not possibly starve if that is something they do. Yet, to choose to take these possible sentient beings to get in the kennel and be a pet to someone who could possibly harm them?

That's taking a being and just making them a pet to be a pet, not allowing them the freedom they deserve.

My father was locked up and used as a weapon for years, to people who dissected and harmed him because they didn't understand what he did or tried to make it to their own advantaged. So how is that any different from what you are choosing to do?! When you know NOTHING of these species besides to see them around the campus and take it upon yourself to uproot them.

I KNEW osore shouldn't have to say anything about this. This is what happens.


I am sorry for everyone whose electronics are within my range. My rage is higher than it should be by the actions of some of these students.

Osore Satou
- 11/8/2019 4:26pm

@Leslie Bonfire I don't think you should be taking it upon yourself to snatch up these critters and try to adopt them out to others who will not have any clue what to do with them considering nobody has been in contact with something of this sort before. Maybe they're more sentient than we think and you could be locking up another living being just like us. I don't think we should be treating these things we don't know about as fun little pets to just do whatever we would like to.

In other news, I met up with Masaaki again today and he followed me home! He wasn't allowed inside because, well, he is a creature from the void and we don't know what he wants, yet, but I did convince King's parents to allow him to sit with me in the backyard. I spoke to him but I don't know if he could really understand what I was saying, however, he did listen, and I know that much because his strange undulating form was completely still as I spoke, and only moved when I wasn't making a sound.

August brought out some sandwiches for us and he was overjoyed, especially because they were turkey sandwiches, and not ham, like I have been feeding him in the past! He started to make some odd noises at me, but I didn't understand. I told him this, but, well, he didn't understand it either. Oh well, I think we both "get it".

While he continues to remind me of a dog, I think there is a lot more to these creatures than we may think. He seems really intelligent, but I think he's trying to convince us he's an animal maybe to hide? Or maybe he's hiding from others and he doesn't want anyone believing he's anything other than a dog to stay undercover. No matter what, though, I don't think anyone on campus should be treating these beings as something they can lock up and give out. It could be dangerous for everyone.

King Burr
- 11/8/2019 4:20pm

@Leslie Bonfire I do not think it would be a good or moral idea to go and adopt out these creatures?

We are not even sure that they are Animals, or if they are a living species of the population that has come to visit.

It is not right to just shove something you don't understand into a kennel, treat them as a pet and then tell someone "sure go ahead, I don't know what these are but use them as you will!"

I don't condone this as it is something that happened to my father, basically.

Leslie Bonfire
- 11/8/2019 2:25pm

Pets Can Fill the Void!

I’ve got everything in place for my void-kennel for feral void dogs and feral void-variant cats, ready to start my void-pet adoption service for all Psyhigh students.

Trouble is, I can’t seem to catch any! Void-pets, that is.

I’ve got the big barrel de-emulsifying guns set up on top of the dorm, and my roommate in an airtight void-suit and a giant net ready to pounce. But now that we’re all ready for them we can’t find one anywhere. Not even the tell-tale void droppings that ruined my shoes!

If you've got tips on catching these critters, or have one yourself that’s turned out to be too much work, let us know! Meanwhile we’ll remain on the roof of Boötes dorm and keep our eyes peeled.

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