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Leslie Bonfire
- 11/8/2019 2:25pm

Pets Can Fill the Void!

I’ve got everything in place for my void-kennel for feral void dogs and feral void-variant cats, ready to start my void-pet adoption service for all Psyhigh students.

Trouble is, I can’t seem to catch any! Void-pets, that is.

I’ve got the big barrel de-emulsifying guns set up on top of the dorm, and my roommate in an airtight void-suit and a giant net ready to pounce. But now that we’re all ready for them we can’t find one anywhere. Not even the tell-tale void droppings that ruined my shoes!

If you've got tips on catching these critters, or have one yourself that’s turned out to be too much work, let us know! Meanwhile we’ll remain on the roof of Boötes dorm and keep our eyes peeled.

Aggie Chandler
- 11/4/2019 1:44pm

So I think I may have found the explanation for the void-goo that @Leslie Bonfire stepped in a while ago. Turns out that the cats hack up globs of void-goo instead of hairballs. I've asked them to try to keep the void-goo away from areas where people normally are so no one else gets it on them; hopefully they'll listen. In other news, it turns out that Alex is not a normal squirrel like we originally thought (Yes, Alex believed this too). He tripped and fell into a small campfire and wasn't harmed a bit. Not even a singe. Turns out he's immune to fire. We're not sure if he's able to control it, and he's too scared to try. We'll figure it out once his nerves have died down. That's pretty much all fro now, bye!!

Leslie Bonfire
- 11/4/2019 1:07pm

“I just don’t think domestic animals should be wild.”

My roommate is so tired of hearing about my anxieties.

“I am so tired of hearing about your anxieties. It’s all you’ve been talking about for a week.”

“It just not natural. Wild animals, sure. If a family of possums steals a car and joy rides it around town, so be it. That’s Mother Nature. But when dogs and cats are wandering around, sleeping outside, with no curfew or social contract, you’re just asking for it. They get diseases, they bite, they INFECT. And why shouldn’t they? They’re not designed to live alone, evolutionarily. It’s cruel.”

“So what would you do about it?” asks my roommate. “Remember how your knitting-hats-for-birds-that-forgot-to-fly-south project went.”

“It is true I didn’t take into account how hard it would be form them to hold the needles.”

“So you start a campaign where a psychic animal control officer collects all the Void Dogs and Void-Variant Cats and puts them in some cage and then what? Who’s feeding them? Who’s cleaning the cages? Where do they go from there?”

“Well they get adopted! Every Psyhigh student mandatory void-variant pet adoption!”

“And for the ones that don’t get adopted?”

“Well, if they come from the Void originally...”

“Oh that’s just cruel.”

Aggie Chandler
- 11/2/2019 12:54pm

It turns out that, like @King Burr said, these are not normal cats. I’m not sure if they are void dog variations, and when I asked them, they seemed to have no idea what I was talking about. I tried the thing with bright colors by offering them some cheese, and yeah, they loved it. I attempted to communicate with Masaaki, but it seems my ability to speak to animals doesn’t include it, or it just didn’t want to talk. I asked the squirrels to keep an eye on Masaaki and the cats, but they haven’t reported anything strange so far. I’ll keep y’all updated with anything I find out.

Osore Satou
- 11/1/2019 3:58pm

Well, that's some guilt off of my shoulder, @King Burr. I felt really bad about lying to August about the sandwich, but I was afraid he wouldn't approve of me feeding a weird otherworldly dog creature that could consume me at any given moment.

Thank you for asking him to make me an extra sandwich. I was a little surprised when he was so eager to make me two whole sandwiches. I thought he would say no for sure.

King Burr
- 11/1/2019 3:53pm

@Osore Satou got an extra sandwich today from my dad, I had advised him what was happening but has also informed him to not let Osore know, as a way to let Osore come to think he was being sneaky. I only say this now, on something he can see, because I know he is feeling guilty about lying.

August knows you are just feeding a dog around campus, don't worry about it.

As we approached the dog again, I kept my distance getting a feeling that the dog would not appreciate me getting too close. Seeing how the last time I did, it snarled and growled, so I stayed a distance as Osore approached, looking at my phone but that was no help seeing how something keeps disrupting my cell phone signal.

Then again it could just be me in general; I have had this happen since I was younger. My dads come to believe it is because of my energy field around me, maybe something to do with my emotions. Maybe this is why the void dog doesn't like me... the energy disrupts its own energy just as many electronics hate.

All I can say is sorry to those on their electronic devices when I walk by. It has been known for me to erase entire things of data on laptops, phones and especially game consoles.

The dog started to glow green... This thing is starting to scare me. I may ask Osore to keep away from the dog for a little bit; I am scared of it becoming something eviler or sinister. Call it paranoia, but I don't like not being able to hear the thoughts of others around me. The silence is something weird, something that it's unpredictable and something that I feel myself I cannot control; seeing how my mind control would not come to work on something like this... I wonder if it thinks at all...

If I could get my hands on it... Imagine the experiments I co-....

Let's forget those thoughts....

It is a side of me that I would rather not dive into.

As for @Aggie Chandler the cats? They are more than likely just more variants of this void dog. Such as puppies or even just more void dogs, but they seem to like ham and cheese sandwichs and neon green jello. They may come to like bright colors, and that being why they took to the cheese seeing how it is that odd yellow color that seems so unnatural. I have had Osore come to bring it to the Admins attention of this dog, but when we came to speak to them it was said they were busy by a disembodies voice that came to echo past us as if running, saying that they were in another dimension right now for a sports meeting.

I suggest letting Admin know of any otherworldly creatures on the school campus if it doesn't look somewhat human.

Though we couldn't see the receptionist, they were very nice. It is easy to find them, just look for the flapping papers, they are normally vibrating around there.

Aggie Chandler
- 11/1/2019 1:27pm

The stray cats around campus seem to have taken a liking to me. There's always a few of them following me around. They're not annoying, though, I actually enjoy the company. Harper loves it. (Most likely because she adores cats) So far, we've counted ten different ones. Harper tried to name them, but they refused, since they already had names. There's Jay, a grumpy gray tabby (He secretly cares a lot tho), and his sister Yew, a long-furred black she-cat with the most beautiful green eyes. Jay has a secret crush on a pretty white she-cat named Luna, though he denies it. Luna has to be the nicest and most optimistic of all of them. (She actually has a small crush on Jay too, it's hilarious) Then there's Gold, an arrogant and prideful golden tabby (He's pretty big, too, and definitely the strongest) He's usually nice, but has no understanding of boundaries or social cues. Plus, he's super competitive. After him is Juniper, a plain light gray she cat. She's really sweet, and actually has three kittens, who she's extremely protective of. There's Crow, a black tom with a white tail tip, muzzle, chest, and paws, Willow, a gray she-cat with a white chest, underbelly, and paws, and finally, Night, a tiny all black tom with the sweetest dark blue eyes. (He's really shy, and my personal favorite of the kits, but don't tell them I said that) Juniper's mate is a black tuxedo tom named Hare. I actually haven't seen much of him, so I don't really know much about him. In other news, I think I saw that dog void thing that @Osore Satou mentioned. Masaaki, right? I didn't really get that close to it, so I'm not exactly sure, but I'm pretty sure that was what I saw. I'll keep an eye out for it, see if I'm able to communicate with it. The cats haven't seen it, and they don't have any idea as to what it could be. By the way, if you see any of the cats around campus, tell them I said hi. I'm probably gonna start bringing food for them soon. Well, that's pretty much all I have for now. Bye!!

Osore Satou
- 11/1/2019 8:36am

I don't know what other students are finding around the campus, but I can confirm that this void dog, now known as Masaaki because that's what I named him, does not leave any sort of substance behind. In fact, upon further observation after interacting with the beast yet again this morning on my way to class, I don't believe he even touches the ground. It hovers about 3 inches above the ground, as a matter of fact.

On that note, today I brought an entire extra sandwich for Masaaki, stating to King's father that I was very hungry lately and would like an extra sandwich because one is never enough for me. I feel a little bit bad for lying, but I'm too curious about this creature and want to know more about it. King has already told me time and time again that I cannot keep it as my pet, and while that's disappointing I also feel like this "dog" sees me more as a peer, and would never consider me an "owner".

When I met up with Masaaki, he did his normal dance of excitement that he's gotten into the habit of. It's adorable. I would love to record the dance on my phone but... every time I hold the camera up to it, my camera screen just gives me a static scene in return. Not even the surrounding environment shows up in the shot. Too bad. Anyway, I pulled out the sandwich made for him and offered it up, but he refused it this time. Maybe he's a picky eater and doesn't like to eat the same thing every time. Other than the sandwiches in my pack, all I had was a small cup of neon green, green apple jello (my favorite flavor).

I popped open the jello pack and set it in the grass for him, who seemed to be extremely cautious about it. Maybe the color is offputting. To be fair, neon green isn't really that natural of a color... When the beast "smelled" it, he seemed to be excited and gobbled the jello up, cup and all. It was a little horrifying, but this is the void we're talking about (I think). I'm sure he could eat an entire tire and be totally fine.

To my amazement, after eating the unnaturally green jello, the little glowing specs on this creature's body, which I originally assumed to be stars projected onto it's deep black, undulating form, began to glow the same color as the jello. That could be a little bit concerning, but it's just one jello cup, I'm sure it's not that unhealthy, right?

Ritsu Arisawa
- 10/28/2019 7:47pm

I swear to the floating amphitheaters and back that the goo has nothing to do with me, @Leslie Bonfire!! I know it may look like vaguely form-keeping 'goop' but I do not drip. Please understand.

But hey, once you get the void off your shoe it has a plethora of uses, from being a real-life bag of holding to pretty effective potion ingredients. My grandfather was a void style fox-child who dripped and made a fortune selling the material to mountain witches. Make the most of it!

But also, if not me or the dog, as @King Burr confirms..... who made the mess?

King Burr
- 10/28/2019 2:08pm

@Osore Satou seemed to find the void dog again, and I am not getting the best of vibes from it, but it seems to do him no harm anyways. When I got closer to Osore though, with the dog in view, he seemed to growl at me and wanted me to get this away.

It didn't bother me too much.

Due to my lineage, not many animals come to like me and seem to see some like negative energy due to my temperament that I inherited. It doesn't seem to disappear at all when it comes to animals from other dimensions either. Yet, the dog... thing? It seems to be friendly with Osore and that's about all I could ask for.

Though it irks me a little that I am not able to read anything, not even thoughts of some kind from this otherworldly being. Either way, I will make sure to let dad know to pack a little bit more for Osore in his lunches since this seems to be a routine now. Too bad it isn't a real dog, my dads may be a little more understanding with letting him have it. Maybe.

@Leslie Bonfire I heard your thoughts about frustrations when it comes to the void goo. This dog leaves nothing behind in the slightest, only a smile on Osore's face. I also suggest you watch your language when speaking aloud within your head, it is not the nicest thing to talk sorely of others.

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