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Oyster Ray
- 6/19/2017 5:30pm

Many students are attracted to Psyhigh because of its beautiful campus. Its exquisite and varied gardens, its unique architecture from many different timelines and dimensions, all nestled in a healthy chunk of forest separating it from the town, the railroad tracks, the secret military installation, and so on.

Given my newly realized power of levitation, vis-à-vis my perpetually bubbling Pearls of Wisdom, I have had the good fortune to view these sights from an aerial perspective. And while I do enjoy riding the thermals during the day, I have also found it uniquely inspiring after the sun goes down.

For instance, I have discovered that balloons have a secret life at night. Not the giant hot air balloons enslaved by mankind to do its bidding, but the seemingly innocuous helium balloons one might receive at a birthday party, or used car lot, or bank grand opening. Now there is a gaggle left over from The Arrival of the Father celebration just yesterday.

While their lives are short, there is far more to balloon life than most people realize. Congregating above the roofs and telephone lines in the darkness, they gather and share tales of their singularly ephemeral and existential exisitence.

They also know of paths and gates unknown to non-balloon, with their own liminal gods and goddesses to guide them through their short time here among us, and beyond.

I like to watch them flitter through the night, in and out of holes we can not see, their bright colors and festive ribbon strings muted in the darkness.

Oyster Ray
Psyhigh's Favorite Mollusk 2017
Psyhigh Student of the Month June 2017

- 6/24/2017 12:56pm

Yes, balloons have been very active recently.

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