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Betty Ann Hay
- 9/18/2018 8:53am

Emotional Finance is pretty cutthroat. Asking classmates for help with the homework is a transactional minefield because rule #1 is literally “Everything is Business.” You’re constantly measuring insecurities and mapping vulnerabilities, all the while keeping an eye on the Weekly Threat Briefing. At least the teacher is nice—love that Ms. Kudli!!!

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Kimball Star
- 9/16/2018 4:27pm

Hey this school is really great! My roommates are @Jerzi, @Ami C, and @Hallie Green, tho Hallie hasn't been the same since the last Invocation of the Aliens. Have you been to one of those? I went late to the first one and had to stand way in the back and all I could see was the strange green light. The humming sound was really loud.

Speaking of, have you met @Terra, or @The Wayfarer? I want to meet them because being just a regular earthling I'm eager to meet students from other planets and I heard they know about that stuff. Meeting people from different backgrounds is one of the great opportunities Psychic High School offers.

Edi Acaran
- 9/11/2018 8:49am

This week the Ritual Invocation of Aliens had a Bodysnatchers theme. A comet crashed on campus and giant stinky flowers sprung up and started growing life-sized oozy fleshy human doppelgängers. Once the ooze drips off they look just like regular students, so I looked around for @Owen Abel but couldn’t find him. I did meet one that called itself @Hallie Green and it was pretty confused about the whole thing so helped find them a dorm room.

Anyway, it was awesome. I love interactive performance art! At the end they passed out flyers about looking for someone called @Terra who had vandalized something called the Universe Gamma-Trion. I don’t know why anybody would vandalize artworks. That’s totally lame.

- 9/11/2018 4:40am

Well i exist. I was actually kind of enjoying it with the mortals.
I guess im here because i destroyed Universe Gamma-Trion?
I swear, it was an accident.

Look forward to meeting everyone.

Hallie Green
- 9/10/2018 6:50pm

I'm confused. my whole life is a lie.

Edi Acaran
- 9/6/2018 8:54am

I’ve been enjoying the Ritual Invocation of Aliens series quite a bit. It’s a time-based art festival, where a different alien civilization is invoked each week. It’s very well attended, and free, and there’s face painting and cornholing and barbecued tentacles on sticks.

The latest one brought giant ships. Three huge discs filled the sky above campus, with spinning lights and giant energy beams. The most amazing part was when @Owen Abel got sucked up into the ship when he was standing right next to me! The hairs on my arm stood up and I got quite a tan let me tell you. I’m not sure when they are supposed to return him though.

Olivia Palmer
- 9/3/2018 10:53am

My Ghost Mood Ring is picking up really crazy readings from the girl's restroom in the administration building, so I'd suggest going outside instead.

Ha ha joke all the other girl's restrooms are fine and you can use them. I just prefer going outside. That's part of why I was "let go" from the Taylor Swift Emotional Museum too.

- 9/3/2018 6:44am

this is my first year and I'm not prepared my clothes are not the right colour
( black ) as I failed my job in stealth walking to breach into my employers enemy and take a few bars of rainbow but as I failed I have no idea what to do as I haven't learnt how to summon the colour black from a portable rainbow so I might have to go white or blue. I hope in pshy high there's no one to hide from or for a need for something "unfortunate to happen to someone" but if it does its just my ninja side so anyway like I said school a prson for those who wish to be free.

Edi Acaran
- 9/2/2018 11:24am

@Owen Abel is a bit young--one of those "gifted" gifted who could probably skip a grade or two and graduate by the time they're 16--but still enjoyed attending the Ritual Invocation of Aliens with me. I mean, I guess you've got to be brave to move from middle school to high school, just like you've got to be brave when the Alien Queen opens up the embryonic chamber and you see the thousands of miles of black egg sacs glittering in the starlight.

And it was loud. We both wore ear plugs.

Zach Flameheart
- 8/30/2018 8:55pm

I guess this is it, I am doing it. I am going to be a student at Psyhigh. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to get in because of my heritage, but I guess my grades and skill set made up for it.

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